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The Security Of Paying By Card

When using your cards as a means of payment on your trips, online purchases, or, simply, in your day to day, there are some recommendations that we should always bear in mind. One important recommendation is to take care of it as cash.

Just as we do not leave cash abandoned anywhere, we must do the same with cards. Therefore, always keep your business card in a safe and protected place. You should not forget that if someone knows the PIN of your card, the expiration date, or the CVV or CVC Security Codes, they could even make purchases online, without having the card physically in their possession. Thus, it is advisable to keep this data confidential.

What To Do In Case Of Loss Or Theft Of The Card?

Cards are a much more secure means of payment than cash. If you lose your wallet or it is stolen, the loss of cash is immediate, while with your card, you will be much more protected. As soon as you are aware, if you block it, your card becomes inoperative, so it is challenging for someone to make fraudulent use of it.

The mastercard gift card balance have Limited Liability insurance, which in case of theft or loss of the card limits your responsibility in those fraudulent operations that occur 24 hours before you notify us of the theft or damage. In this way, your responsibility is limited to the franchise as long as the pin has not been typed.

What Insurance Do Cards Include, And How Should We Deal With A Claim?

Most cards include some free insurance depending on the type of card, they include one or the other, and the insured amount is higher on high-end cards. There are some insurances such as travel assistance that to cover you have had to pay the amount of the trip or transport with your card. You can expand this information on everything about our cards.