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Why and When Should I Hire a Veteran Disability Lawyer?

According to a report from a firm of VA lawyers Tacoma, Veterans account for around 18.8 million persons in the United States of America. However, almost 4.7 million of them, or 25%, have a service-connected impairment.

All veterans who were injured or diagnosed with a medical condition while serving in the military are eligible for tax-free compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA.

If you or someone you know is in this scenario, hiring an experienced VA disability lawyer will assist your claim and have a higher chance of being accepted. You must, however, pick the correct attorney for the task in order to get the most out of having legal representation and help.

When should I hire a VA lawyer?

Because an attorney may not be compensated for defending you until after you have filed a notice of disagreement, many veterans prefer to apply for benefits first and then wait for the rating judgment. If you have been denied VA benefits, received erroneous information that might jeopardize your claim, or desire to file an appeal, you should seek the assistance of a licensed VA attorney.

Why should I hire a VA lawyer?

Many veterans may believe that because they may petition for benefits for free, there is no need to engage a lawyer. Of course, the greatest response is that you get what you pay for. Most free organizations accessible to veterans, like the VA benefits system, are understaffed and overloaded, forcing them to forsake individualized care in favor of processing as many individuals as they can in a day.

To begin, you should only employ an attorney if you feel they can assist you achieve a better outcome from the VA on a disability claim that has been refused or is not rated high enough for your taste. That’s all. There is no other plausible explanation.

Second, you cannot be charged by a lawyer for any assistance in submitting an initial claim for VA disability benefits under existing law. When you contest a VA decision on your disability claim, the lawyer can only charge you for his or her services.

Things to look for when hiring a VA lawyer:


The first question you should ask a potential attorney about his or her experience with these types of cases. If the attorney is new and lacks expertise or assistance, you might consider hiring another attorney. This is especially true if your claims are complicated in ways that an inexperienced attorney may not be able to manage.


The first thing you should do is question if a possible lawyer is VA accredited.

Being VA certified implies that you have been approved and recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as an attorney or other professional capable of aiding veterans or service members with their disability claims.

This certificate is intended to ensure a minimal level of proficiency among professionals who provide services to veterans. If someone does not have the requisite accreditations as specified by the VA, they will be barred from representing your claim.

Training and up-to-date knowledge:

Disability law is a highly specialized topic, and you should avoid choosing a general practitioner to handle your case. The majority of disability attorneys are members of NOSSCR, the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives, which offers disability law continuing education and training throughout the year.


One of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a VA disability lawyer is their legal costs and how much you’re prepared to pay on a lawyer.

Some lawyers provide a free consultation during which your claim will be assessed by a knowledgeable attorney. Make the most of this opportunity by asking as many questions as possible. Depending on your claim and the facts of your case, some attorneys may also allow you some space for bargaining.

Remember to get a detailed breakdown of the lawyer’s services and costs. To avoid unpleasant surprises later on, you should make sure you understand exactly what services you are paying for.

Final thoughts:

Always ask a lot of questions during your initial session to ensure that you choose an attorney that inspires trust, honesty, and dependability. Asking potential attorneys for your disability benefits case these and other important questions is the best way to ensure that you are hiring a quality attorney to handle your claim.