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What are the major perks associated with choosing man-made diamonds?

Diamond is a symbol of eternal love, timelessness and lifelong commitment. If you are a couple getting engaged soon, then you should consider engagement ring carrying diamond pieces. It shines brightly and so shall your relationship. Now the question arises as to what kind of diamond to choose.  The diamond may be mined naturally or it may be lab-grown. The popularity of man made diamonds Sydney is on the rise for many reasons. These are lab-grown marvels, the work of mankind, carrying the same physical and chemical properties as that of naturally mined diamonds.

Diamond jewelry is a huge investment and it needs specialized knowledge to choose the original and right kind of diamond. The whole diamond industry seems to be shrouded with wrong and misleading information such as real diamonds have 400% markup and that lab-grown diamonds are false diamonds. However, this is not true. Lab-grown or manmade diamonds are as real as real diamonds mined naturally. In fact, buying lab-grown diamonds offer a lot of benefits.

Lab-grown diamonds and the environment sustainability 

Lab-grown diamonds are environment-friendly and by choosing them you will do your part of work for the universe. While it consumes less energy to produce a diamond in the laboratory, it takes far more energy to create that naturally. Diamonds that are dug out of the ground have consumed more energy. Opting for lab-grown diamond avoids the need to dig tons of soil on earth’s surface.

Know about the origin of the diamond which is not possible with real diamond

If the diamond is produced in the lab, you know about the origin with 100% certainty. However, this isn’t possible with natural diamonds. You will know how it is made, by whom it is made and that it didn’t support child labor and wars.

The price is less

There is not much difference between the price of lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds but still the price of the former is lesser. It is all due to the use of modern technology that diamonds are manufactured in a lab setting.  You may save up to 30% by choosing lab-grown diamond. Colored diamonds are fairly rare and so you can save huge by purchasing lab-grown colored diamonds.

Ideal size and real color

Man made diamonds Sydney is here to stay owing to the superior color, size and quality. Although a new addition, lab-grown diamonds are around for a decade now. The diamond pieces have acquired color, quality and size of real diamonds only. Indeed, lab-grown diamond is slowly becoming a trendsetter.

How is diamond created in the lab setting?

Using cutting edge technology, diamonds are now manufactured inside the lab. The look, feel, color, shape and size are the same as real diamonds. It is great news that lab-grown diamond purchase can save money up to 25%. These sorts of diamonds are new, exciting and are here to stay. While environmental sustainability is the prime benefit of choosing lab-grown diamond, the type of diamond has superior quality and is pure.

Man made diamonds Sydney are still natural with qualities and features similar to those of naturally mined diamonds.