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Trading Without Investment in Forex – Top 3 Picks


Forex or foreign exchange is the currency market that involves selling and buying of international currencies. When it comes to the initial learning about Forex, you might think you need the currency of one money as an investment to make a profit. However, free trading without investment in Forex is possible.

It is true that you have to familiarize yourself to the ropes of foreign exchange investments. However, once you know the basics, it becomes easier for you to turn around a good sum of money without any former investment.

This article will walk you through the important factors involved in forex trading and how you can start one without investments.

Leverage the Forex affiliate programs

If you aren’t good with direct trading but want to earn some good money from it, there are ample forex affiliate programs to look into. The primary objective of these affiliate programs is to bring new clients for the forex brokers. So, more or less, you act like the middle man, facilitating the brokerage for profits. The terms of brokerage under these forex affiliate programs will vary and so will the money that you earn from it.

Get your hands on non-deposit Bonuses

Non-deposit bonuses in forex exchange trading work like a dream. This is more like a welcome bonus. So, you find a forex trading brokerage that you like. You create an account via the merchant’s website and they deposit the non-deposit bonus to your account as a promotional bonus. These bonuses do come with a certain range of limitations that will vary from broker to broker.

Look out for Contents

There are several popular and well-known Forex brokers that conduct contests on a daily basis. If you are planning to dip your toe in the forex trading without investments, look out for such contests. There are different types of contests, like the ones for demo accounts and ones for the cent and dollar accounts. You have to familiarize yourself to these terminologies and then opt for the contests that work in your favor.

Money in Forex trading

How much can you make trading in Forex? This is a very common question that pops up in the minds of beginner traders and rightfully so. If we consider forex trading a decade back, getting returns without investments would have been impossible.

If you are starting out, use the demo and cent accounts for learning. That is what most novice traders do. The earnings from forex trading won’t be standard, it is subjective to your experience and expertise in the field.

Ideally, we’d recommend familiarizing with the market trends, what works, what doesn’t work and then dipping your toe in the water. The more you learn about the market volatility, the easier it becomes to churn in those profits.


Not only is it possible to earn money in forex trading without any capital investment, it can bring you substantial income if you do it right. Just ensure that you follow the basic rules of investments, know the tricks around the market and familiarize yourself to the concepts involved.