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The Best Options for Pawning Gold

To the trade in gold coins, there is also a lively trade in so-called gold bars. You probably know those beautiful shiny golden ‘buns’ from movies. Goldsmiths also call such a ‘sandwich’ a bier. It’s really not that an ingot is by definition big and heavy. A bar is actually nothing more than a block of gold.

Selling Gold Bars

A bar can therefore also be very small and lightweight. For example, there is bar gold with a weight of one gram. This then increases to a maximum of one kilo gold bars. A range of bar gold weights is in between. A bar of gold is always 24 carat and must also be traceable to the manufacturer who made it. For example, a gold bar always has the logo or mark of the relevant manufacturer. Now Where to pawn gold? There are ample options now.

The best scenario is that the manufacturer of the bar of gold in your possession is listed on the so-called good delivery list of the Bullion Market Association. When the manufacturer is on this list, it is known as a reliable party. A nice thought when it comes to something as precious as gold.

The value of a bar of gold is, it will not surprise you, depending on its weight. Just like this is the case with gold coins, it is quite easy to get the current price of a bar of gold. The worldwide web offers a solution again this time. There are a number of occasions where these options are perfect.

Selling Gold Teeth?

If you want to sell gold teeth, this may seem strange. This is certainly not the case, because for gold buyers this is really the most normal thing in the world. A buyer of gold will almost always determine the carat of gold teeth by means of the touchstone method. There is not one particular carat of gold that is used for making gold teeth.

It is also important that you remove any ‘residue’ that may still be attached to gold teeth. Gold teeth are also weighed and root remains or porcelain left behind are of course not taken into account. You can easily remove this kind of residue yourself. To do this, put the gold teeth in a plastic bag and then hit with a hammer. The remains come off so easily and you can easily remove it from the gold.

Who am I going to sell my gold to?

Eventually the time has come and you start looking for a buyer of gold. Also in this regard, don’t go on ice overnight. Contact different buyers of gold and ask for the current gold prices they use. When a buyer is difficult or vague about this, this often indicates that this may not be the most transparent party to do business with. You must therefore ask yourself whether you should want to sell your gold to this party. You already know the answer yourself. A second good question for a buyer of gold is to ask about the method he uses. For example, how does he determine the carat and value of your gold? There are various parties you can turn to for selling your gold.