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The account of business visionary and altruist Alejandro Mendieta Blanco (Alex) is certainly not a common one. Unexpectedly we get a genuine understanding to his modest beginnings, battles and accomplishments. This aggregation comes from the eyes of others that have been shut to him, right from other unmistakable business figures, big names, to his old collaborator. His story is one we are sure you will appreciate perusing.

Everything started

Alex was brought into the world in Colombia to a more than agreeable family, anyway this descended smashing when his dad an acclaimed Colombian specialist lost the entirety of his fortune when Alex was only 9. In meetings Alex considers this occasion the best thing that has ever happened to him. In his own words “when my father lost the entirety of his cash I got damaged, despite the fact that I was only a 9 year old child. I encountered direct what it resembled not to have cash, not having cash was humiliating, disappointing, and I saw my folks continually battling. So I made myself a guarantee that I would become rich regardless. At the point when I grew up, I always remembered that guarantee and the torment that came from not having cash”.

When he turned 15, equipped with a deep longing Alex accomplished something no Colombian had ever done, he dropped school and through a proviso figured out how to get his secondary school certificate. Completing school very nearly 3 years before any of his friends.

Going to Australia

Not having the option to talk any English, he moved to Melbourne Australia alone when he turned 16. He had persuaded his father to get him a single direction ticket and he would sort out the rest. This time of his life he worked washing dishes, cleaning, and any unspecialized temp job he could get. In a later meeting, he depicts this as a great time extreme, however, he would not change it for anything on earth. He says “as extreme as it was I wouldn’t transform it for anything on earth, it made me rock-solid, and being a youngster was unquestionably the best and ideal opportunity to encounter it”.

Accomplishment in business and life

Achievement didn’t come simple to the youthful Alex, he bombed 7 distinctive undertakings till he discovered his first champ. He says “perhaps the best quality is my excessively idealistic disposition, this padded the blows particularly toward the beginning when I flopped so often”.

One business prompted another and his business realm developed and developed, his organizations have surpassed $200,000,000 consistently in turnover since 2017. At the point when asked how 2021 was looking he said that how we are going and with the new immunizations for COVID going to begin being turned out, he hopes to hit $500,000,000 turnover unexpectedly.

Good cause and grant

This side of Alex was an amazement to a large portion of us. Even though he has been completing his magnanimous work for a long time, it was not up to this point that it became known freely. Alex has his own two causes which he has been self-subsidizing since 2016. The fundamental one is designated “Give a kid a bicycle” which gives each year more than 500 bicycles to the most detriment kids in Vietnam so they don’t need to stroll for quite a long time to class each day, rather they can ride their bicycles. His subsequent foundation is the “Alex Mendieta Scholarship” which helps different worldwide understudies each year to propel their last college considers.