Wednesday - September 27,2023
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Teen Anal GIFs – Why Do Girls Secretly Love Them?

Chocolate, diamonds and fresh roses are good example of things girls find hard to resist. While this may not apply to all girls and women in particular, a good majority of them consider them as acceptable romantic gestures. They make bold and solid statements of intent especially where one fancies the girl or woman in question as a serious prospect. But what really happens after you’re done with the flowers and chocolate? How should you proceed with flirting after you’re now at a stage where you can easily crack naughty jokes with your prospect? You guessed it right – send her a teen anal gif. Chances are, she’ll blush. She may also not talk much about it. You’ll quickly realize that many girls don’t mind such gifs. Here’s why that happens.

The Fetish Factor

You probably don’t know this but many girls have anal sex on their bucket list. This is especially the case with girls who are into BDSM. Note that ‘girls’ and ‘women’ in this context are interchangeably used to denote age differences. In many cases women below the age of 20 or girls as many people aptly refer to them, are at their experimental stage as far as sex is concerned. Many don’t mind anal sex. Sending a teen anal gif will therefore, ignite the spark and who knows? Boost your chances of getting laid.

The Naughty Factor

Yeah, yeah you don’t like anal sex. Your prospect doesn’t like it either. Once in a while though, women like it when their men get naughty. So yeah, get naughty too. Send her that teen anal gif complete with a wink emoji?

The Shocker

Who said boys have to do all the heavy lifting? You can very well wake up one morning to an anal gif from your girlfriend. Don’t think of it as any other naughty text. She’s clearly communicating something. Have her clarify her intent. You’ll most likely get the green light for some A-Level awesomeness. Be sure to keep things steamy each time you chat. The fact that you’ve already gotten what you want or you’re close doesn’t mean you should stop being cocky but nice when you’re chatting.