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Save Money With Flat Rate Pocket-Friendly Credit Card Processing

North American Bancard agent program is one of the largest merchant service providers. With innovative products, great extents of sales support, and extended bottom line you can have a great workspace. The features provided by them can easily match to the largest merchant service providing companies. From eCommerce to retail programs they provide both, though the retail program is their strong point. North American Bancard Agent Program makes it easy to provide every customer with affordable pricing. The flat-rate pricing is given by them; you can give the customers simple pricing options without creating trouble. Don’t need to worry about PCI fees, monthly fees, or other variety of expenses.

Cancellation Fees

Saving money with credit cards is such a good scope to save money expenditure. No one prefers cancellation fees, and it often deviates them away from a program. The North American Bancard Agent Program doesn’t incur cancellation fees, thus a merchant can anytime cancel the program. This gives merchants more incentive to join by signing up, if they are unsatisfied with the service, they can opt-out anytime without the fear of penalty. Moreover, the NAB promises to pay the cancellation fees for canceling any current merchant contract.

Benefits of Flat Rate Credit Card Processing

There are many benefits and these factors are different for every business for all credit card processing options. The advantages of utilizing flat-rate credit card processing are:

  • The benefit of flat-rate pricing is that it is predictable and easy to monitor.
  • It keeps costs predictable so that it’s easier to calculate monthly credit card processing fees
  • Paying the same amount for each sale
  • It can be the least expensive option overall for very small or seasonal businesses as it doesn’t charge monthly fees, only the per-transaction fees.
  • Flat-fee models by North American Bancard Agent program don’t cost any account fee on a monthly basis.

A minimal rate of credit card processing

The most common type of flat-rate processing in the market today is where the processor takes a specific percentage from the volume of the transactions. In the case of flat-rate credit card processing have simplified the situation by laying out fixed and flat-rate pricing that allows merchants to see clearly and predict accurately what their credit card processing costs are going to be. Flat rate credit card processing is the best available option for merchants because the most frustrating part of accepting credit card payments is understanding how exactly these payments are going to cost your business.

Why merchants choose Credits cards?

Most merchants that accept credit cards are overpaying for their merchant services without even realizing it. That’s because the true cost of processing their credit card payments is buried in hidden fees, complicated monthly statements, and nearly indecipherable tiered pricing. This unique solution was designed for businesses that appreciate the simplicity and savings afforded by a single rate card processing concept. This alternative to conventional credit card processing will save the business owner money, and that’s something you can take to the bank. Very few credit card processors offer the one rate solution because it reduces their own profits.

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