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Putting together a bucks party at the last minute 

Your mate is about to get hitched. That’s good for him but if you have been delegated with best man duties, the bucks night is part of the many responsibilities you will have to take on as the best man. You need to plan. Ideally you should have months to plan for it but if time is not on your side, there are some late, last-minute things you can do. Here are some steps you can follow to deal with last minute planning:

  • Create a Facebook page and reach out to old and new friends. Talk about the upcoming nuptials and hype up the bucks night with all your friend’s mate. Create a group chat where invitees can talk about the upcoming event. Do not include the groom in the group if you want to keep the plans you are cooking up secret. The bride on the other hand might want to know all about your plans especially the ones that include strippers. If she is cool, she will leave you boys alone to have your fund, if she is bothered by you taking her soon-to-be husband to a strip club you want to try and convince her that it is all just innocent male fun, not a pass for her man to cheat before they even get hitched. 
  • Consider the type of guy your friend is. Is he a sports fanatic, an outdoorsy type or the kind of guy who still plays video games. Is he a low-key person who is into fine dining and fine wine. If he is the happy-go lucky bloke who is always down for whatever. He could be the wild and outgoing type who enjoys a good night out and strip clubs.  There are a number of strip clubs and gentlemens clubs around Melbourne and their presence ensures that everyone can relax and leave it to professionals. This way you don’t have to do things on your own. There are a number of companies that offer bucks party packages that will make it easy on everyone. They will take care of all the planning and logistics, leaving you to enjoy the partying.  
  • Share bucks party Melbourne ideas on your social media pages. Don’t bombard everyone with messages. Less is more and when it comes to planning bucks parties. You have to consider food, drinks, alcohol and bucks party Strippers. 

The most important thing about organizing a bucks party Melbourne is that it needs to stand out and be memorable to all who are part of the celebration. Plan to have maximum fun and on the actual day of the party, do make sure that you party hard. It could be last time you are able to have fun as boys now that your mate is getting married party hard. No serious talks, no stress or negative energy. In fact, if you have one of those friends who always kills the vibe, think about not inviting them. You can always blame it on the preparations being done fast and last minute and mistakes being made. 

  • Take pictures and videos. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity (it should be) to have a major blow out with your mates. Take all the pictures of those embarrassing moments that will forever immortalize that last hoorah, you all threw for your mate.