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Modern chandeliers to suit contemporary interiors

Are you planning to redefine your interior lighting? Or, is it an elegant piece you want to add to your existing lights? Well in any case, nothing speaks elegance -like chandeliers. Chandeliers are at the pinnacle of sophisticated interior decorative lighting. Ceilings are the most neglected part of our interiors. Especially because there are very few things you can do to it. Two most prominent options being -murals and chandeliers. Consequently, they instantly add luxury to your accommodation and make it stand out from the rest.

To compliment present times we won’t evaluate the complicated traditional chandeliers. Obviously they won’t fit in with the widely common contemporary interiors. And Needless to say, that the utility inconvenience that comes along is tedious. We propose crystal raindrop chandelier in slick design -with the convenience of LED bulbs.

Why choose a modern chandelier?

The Saint Mossi Modern K9 crystal spiral raindrop chandelier is the perfect choice for modern homes. You will get them at discounts and offer prices -but it’s the design and utility- you should look out for. The modern Saint Mossi K9 accommodates 5 GU10 LED bulbs. Now those who have heard about these bulbs will know how perfect they are for chandeliers. GU10 LED bulbs are designed to emit directional beam of light. Making them essential modern replacements for halogens and spotlights.

Now Chandeliers, aren’t meant to light up your entire room: rather a specific spot of your room. For such a functionality, directional light is what you need. The arrangement of 5 GU10 LED bulbs will do just the trick. With Saint Mossi crystal raindrop chandelier, ignite your interior with elegance and convenience. Get all the benefits of a modern GU10 LED bulb, with the extravagant decoration of a chandelier. With Saint Mossi chandeliers, cost and energy efficient chandeliers are now a possibility.

Yet another inconvenience of traditional chandeliers is its dimensions. Behemoth royal chandeliers -as classic as they may look- are awkwardly huge for modern homes, especially with their glaring outdated design. The Saint Mossi Modern K9 crystal spiral raindrop chandelier is 16 inches wide and 39 inches long. Dimensions designed keeping in mind the dimensions of maximum modern homes.

The uniqueness of modern chandeliers

The crystal spirals are another unique feature of this raindrop chandelier. In traditional chandeliers, light would be fitted to different arms and segments of the chandelier. But, in the modern K9 chandelier, the arrangement is much simpler and cleverer. The only light settings are the 5 GU10 LEDs at the base. The further distribution of the light is left to the refractive property of the crystals. The raindrop crystals don’t just look pretty, but also make every part of your chandelier – illuminate.

The stainless steel raindrop chandelier is also compatible with smart GU10 LED lights as well. With smart LED lights installed in your chandelier, you can regulate it’s hue, colour, temperature and brightness -right at your fingertips. Finally, the ease of installation makes this chandelier an ideal purchase. With simple LED light fittings and compact dimensions, you can easily put it up on your ceiling without any assistance. This means you can easily order from online platforms like Amazon, and enjoy their price offers and fast deliveries.

Purchase the stainless steel made, modern K9 spiral chandeliers with the finest quality raindrop crystals, by Saint Mossi. With contemporary design, this raindrop chandelier will deliver aesthetic elegance to your modern interior. A modern chandelier worth your consideration, with brilliant amalgamation of design, utility and efficiency.