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Inspiring Promotional Ideas to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events

With the eCommerce trend skyrocketing, dropshipping popularity is also growing. An online retailer does not have to take efforts in buying, storing, packing, and shipping products to customers, an online retailer because the dropshipping services do it on their behalf. It is a great option for the traditional sales process. 

You can operate an eCommerce site from home without any concerns about the logistics. The manufacturer or the drop shipper directly ships the products to your customers. There are many good free dropshipping suppliers, but you need to find one that suits your needs. With the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday event round the corner, it is essential to plan a sale. 

As you will not need to invest in buying inventory, check the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals different free dropshipping sites are offering. As an online retailer, you can also come up with unique promotion ideas.

With dropshipping consider shipping times. Therefore, choose products that can take less shipping time because due to the coronavirus situation there is a heavy chance of shipping delays. 

So, the first step will be to choose the rapid dropshipping service because even a solid Black Friday campaign will fail if customers don’t get their orders on time. Not receiving gifts on time can hurt your eCommerce business. So, work with reliable dropping suppliers like Go Ten to gain a competitive edge.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday ideas for improving eCommerce sales

The main difference between Black Friday vs Cyber Monday is the former comes before the latter. Besides, Black Friday shopping is done online and offline, whereas Cyber Monday means only eCommerce shopping. Get creative in your online marketing strategy to attract buyers.

  • Gamification methods like wheel spins and scratch cards allow you to collect email addresses because people enjoy the potential of winning games.

  • Loyalty programs like offering significant discounts and referral bonuses can supercharge your sales.

  • Offer a sneak peek of Cyber Monday & Black Friday deals to your email subscribers and social media followers. They get curious and will start visiting your page from the word go [at midnight]!