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How to Buy Bitcoin with AstroPay?

AstroPay is one of the many famous cash and online payment service providers in Latin America. AstroPay started in 2009 and, ever since then, has been providing services to Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

It is an e-wallet that collaborates with major markets and also with emerging markets. Their experience of over a decade makes them a reliable source for the customers.

AstroPay offers prepaid virtual cards that enable making payments without sharing any personal information with third parties on sites, games, forex traders, and shopping. AstroPay boasts simplicity and ease of use.

You have to purchase your AstroPay in a specified amount to make all these transactions. With typical 16-digit bank cards, you can deposit your money into your AstroPay wallet within seconds.

Features of AstroPay

  • Fast instant payments all the time
  • Very secure, integrated high encryption security and payment blockchain feature cryptography
  • Ease of use and flexibility
  • Withdrawal and deposit in various currencies
  • Bitcoin purchasing

Before we get into how to buy bitcoin with AstroPay, let’s understand what bitcoin is:

What is Bitcoin?

Created in 2009, bitcoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) governed by a decentralized authority. It has no physical shape. It is only available in an electronic form. Bitcoin promises to offer lower transaction fees than traditional online payment methods.

Every bitcoin transaction is backed up by high computing powers to keep every transfer safe and secure. With the rise in bitcoin’s fame, other cryptocurrencies have also been launched.

How to Buy BTC with AstroPay?

For buying bitcoins, you need to purchase an AstroPay voucher by cash or online. If you don’t have that, carry out the following steps to start buying bitcoins with AstroPay:

  1. Buy an AstroPay Debit Card at the Desired Cost

You can buy a voucher or a debit card from AstroPay (totally digital). The prepaid debit card’s limit depends on the limit of the card you purchased it for. You can use this card to gain access to your earnings in the e-wallet without getting in the hassle of transferring them to your bank.

  1. Open an AstroPay Account

If the card option isn’t suitable, open an account with AstroPay. It’s relatively simple. All you have to do is fill up the required credentials and get registered.

  1. Transfer Funds to Your AstroPay Wallet

Now is the time to transfer funds in your e-wallet and card if you haven’t already. You can use your bank account, credit card, or any other method to transfer the desired amount in your wallet.

  1. Register Yourself with a Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange

There’s a variety of bitcoin trading platforms you can register yourself with. Select any one of the top and reliable platforms and get registered with them.

  1. Find a Seller

After signing up, search for the bitcoin sellers by choosing the desired currency and location. The list will narrow down to sellers selling bitcoins in your desired currency. Now find a seller that accepts AstroPay as the payment method. If you find such a seller, check out their trading terms and read them carefully.

  1. Purchase Bitcoins

Go to the payment method and select AstroPay transfer to transfer the funds to the seller. Remember, you have to find a seller that accepts AstroPay (it’s essential).

  1. Withdraw BTC to Your AstroPay Wallet

Now, you can withdraw your purchased bitcoins to your AstroPay wallet.

Dangers with AstroPay

While AstroPay is reliable and secure, various customer reviews say otherwise:

  1. Bitcoins Not Released in e-Wallets

Many customers reported that purchasing bitcoins with AstroPay didn’t result in the bitcoins releasing in their e-wallets. While that happens rarely, there’s still doubt left that says that it could happen with anyone.

  1. Irresponsive Customer Service

As big as the AstroPay company is, it only provides customer service through email. There’s no live chat feature or toll-free number. Losing the funds while purchasing bitcoins and not receiving them in the wallets resulted in the worst customer service for many customers.

According to them, the replies were meaningless without any information on why the bitcoins weren’t released in their accounts.

  1. Not Available Globally

The main markets AstroPay targets are Latin America, Asia, UK, and Europe. So, if you are from Australia, Canada, South America, or in any other part of the world, AstroPay won’t provide its services to you.