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How to Avoid Moving Injuries During a DIY Move

DIY moves allow you a degree of control over your move you otherwise wouldn’t have. Since everything relies on you, you get to decide the pace at which everything is done at, and when you move. However, because you have to do everything yourself, DIY moves can also be very risky. From start to finish, there are a lot of ways you can end up injured if you’re not careful. However, if you know how to go about it, then the chances of injury are rather minimal. So, all in all, proper preparation is rather vital during the DIY moving process. As such, in order to help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how to avoid moving injuries during a DIY move, and we hope it helps you during your move.

Never lift anything above your head

Avoiding injuries during a DIY move mostly comes down to being careful while moving things around. So, it’s important to remember that, no matter light the item is, you should never lift anything above your head. This places a strain on your shoulders and upper back, and it can cause injuries that don’t become apparent until later. And because you can’t notice them immediately, you can easily aggravate these injuries, and they can become quite severe. So, be careful and don’t lift anything above your head, no matter how light the item is. Additionally, when moving out of your old house, it might be worth thinking about selling your old home. After all, between buying a new home and moving into it, chances are you spent a lot of money. So, trying to sell your old home is a great way to make back some of that money.

Don’t rush while packing

Because packing is the longest part of any move, you might be tempted to rush this process. However, this can lead to a couple of different issues. Firstly, you might misplace important items, or just pack things up in a very disorganized way. Needless to say, this can cause a lot of issues when you arrive at the new home. Second, while moving the boxes around, you can easily get injured while rushing. For example, when packing up and moving furniture, it’s very easy to injure your back. Or, if you end up dropping something, you can get injured quite severely and also damage your belongings. So, don’t rush your packing, or if want to get the packing done quickly, specialists can help with this. Professional packers can help you get packed up very quickly and make sure everything is packed safely, so nothing gets damaged during transit.

Use proper lifting techniques when lifting heavy items

One of the most common injuries during a DIY move is injuring your back while lifting furniture. So, remember: never lift with your back, instead, lift with your legs. When lifting things, spread your legs and use your leg muscles to lift them up. This way, you avoid putting a strain on your back which can cause a very serious injury. Needless to say, even the smallest back injury can have very long-lasting consequences. So, doing your best to avoid these injuries whenever possible is incredibly important overall. Especially when doing something which can very easily result in one of these injuries. When moving into your new home, however, remember to think ahead about what to do after the move. This is very important for properly settling into your new home. And, since there are a few very important things to do, being prepared is rather vital.

Use the right equipment for moving furniture

There are a number of items that make moving furniture much easier. Furniture sliders are the simplest, as with them you can easily slide heavy pieces of furniture without too much effort. Furniture straps (or moving straps) are designed to reduce the impact of lifting a piece of furniture on your body in general. Most of these straps are also adjustable, so you can use them for every kind of furniture. Lastly, furniture dollies are an absolute must-have for any DIY move, as they make moving furniture incredibly easy. Experts from note that no move would be safe without this kind of equipment. These pieces of moving equipment are always used by professionals, exactly because they make it much safer. So, when going through a DIY move, it’s worth following the example of professionals in the field and using the equipment made to make the process easier.

Ask your friends to help out where possible

One of the best ways to make the DIY moving process safer is to ask for help when you need it. Packing up and moving things is significantly easier when you have help. Not to mention that everything takes a lot less time with a few extra pairs of hands helping out. However, we should not that certain things require the help of others, and should never be done alone. Most notably, you should never move furniture up or down stairs by yourself. Doing this is incredibly dangerous, both for you and for your property, so make sure you have a friend help you out. And when you’re done with the move, consider hiring professional cleaners for your new home. Moving in can be quite messy, and it’s guaranteed that your home will need a deep clean. So, why not leave it up to the professionals to do it properly?

How to avoid moving injuries during a DIY move – closing thoughts

It’s very easy to get injured during a DIY move, which is why most people usually avoid doing it. However, DIY moves offer some significant advantages, mainly by giving you more control of the moving process. So, it’s very important to remember to be careful when going through a DIY move. Proper preparation is vital, and by knowing how to go about the process can make it significantly less risky overall. We hope that this guide on how to avoid moving injuries during a DIY move helps you out, and we wish you luck with the move.

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