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Gifts Ideas For Your Brother And Bhabhi

The occasion for siblings to renew and strengthen their bond “Raksha Bandhan” is just around the corner. As you are now in search mode for creative rakhi gifts for your beloved brother, you should also consider gifts for your sister-in-law (bhabhi). There are many items from which you can choose to express love and happiness to your beloved Bhabhi. With online gift stores delivering customised gifts near and dear in other cities and countries, you don’t have to break the bank or sweat. Read on as we share wishful  Raksha Bandhan gifts for your Bhabhi.

Sweet treats combo

Sweet treats are the delicacies to expect at all special celebrations! Ramp up the Raksha Bandhan celebrations and surprise your bhaiya and bhabhi with delightful treats.

Items to include in the combo:




Desserts – cupcakes, pastries, brownies,

Traditional sweets – Laddoo, Burfi,

Fruits – berries, grapes, apples, cashew nuts, almonds, etc.

Divine gifts

Traditional wear

Wearing traditional clothing at festivals is a way of expressing love and regard to near and dear ones. Let your bhabhi know how much she means to you this Raksha Bandhan with traditional clothing items like dhorti-kurta, salwar suit, saree, and ghagra-choli to name a few.

Rakhi Thali

The main event of tying rakhis to brothers and sisters-in-law is synonymous with a Rakhi Thali. Rakhi thalis are similar to Puja thalis. So, put together a rakhi thali with traditional items like a diya, rakhis, roli chawal, rice, sweets, and incense.


Jewellery is considered to be an “every woman’s best friend”. After tying a Zardosi rakhi on your brother’s wrist, complete the Raksha Bandhan ritual by also tying a glimmering Lumba rakhi for bhabhi on your sister’s wrist.

More jewellery gift items to pair with rakhis:

Beaded jhumkas

Personalised wristwatch combo (for bhaiya and bhabhi),

Bracelets & necklaces.

Spiritual gifts

Make lasting impressions on your brother and sister-in-law this Raksha Bandhan with spiritual gifts. Items to consider for the occasion such as God Idols and figurines.


Food is the gateway to touching anyone’s heart! Let your sister-in-law know how much you appreciate the meals she prepares on Raksha Bandhan with kitchenware gift items. There is always something for all preferences and kitchen setups from appliances, and pots, to cutlery. Take the surprise a step further with personalised kitchenware items that have their names, colours, and favourite designs.

Essential travel gifts

Life is about travelling! Be it office routes, shopping, or globetrotting – there is always something loved ones will appreciate while they go about their everyday life. So, when looking for travel gifts for your sister-in-law, consider her daily travel, favourite colours, and designs!

Here are some ideas for travel gifts your sister-in-law will appreciate:


Passport covers,

Travel makeup bag,

Mobile sling bag,

Backpack, and

Tote bag.

Journal combo

Regardless of the occupation, women are always hardworking! To keep her ahead of the challenges, extend love and appreciation to your beloved Bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan with a journal comb.

Personalised journal gift items include:




Highlighters, and


Skin and hair care products combo

Skincare and hair products are essential items for women. Taking care of oneself is of paramount importance in protecting and repairing the skin. Let your bhabhi know how much she means to you this Raksha Bandhan with skincare and hair care products.

Items to include in the combo are:

Face scrub, face masks, face wash,

Skin serums,

Branded lipsticks,

Eye shadows,


Foundation and concealer, etc.

Scented fragrances

Being in an environment surrounded by sweet fragrances boosts confidence, enhances mood, and is good for health! Inspire an aura filled with love and happiness in your brother and sister-in-law’s home with a sweet fragrance combo.

Sweet fragrance combo items:


Scented candles, and

Plants & flowers.

Decorative gifts

When it comes to decorating the home, women take the front role! Create a formidable tag team with your sister-in-law this Raksha Bandhan with creative decorative gift items. Let her know that you appreciate her taste in decor with items that complement pre-existing decorations.

Decor gift options to include are:

Classic or Contemporary lamp,

Handmade wall decor,


Wall clock,

Mugs and cushions,

Gift cards,

Personalised nameplate,

Photo gifts     – Photo frames and photo lamps

– Personalised wristwatches.

Nature-friendly gifts

Express love and best wishes to your Bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan with nature-friendly gifts that keep on giving. The most popular nature-aligned gifts to consider are plants and flowers and a plantable Lumba Rakhi.