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Eating healthy at a steakhouse: Top tips to follow!

Let’s agree that more people are calorie conscious now than ever before. Even ardent foodies watch their plate. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot dine out. A steakhouse is all about meats, steaks and seafood, and if you are smart enough, you will find enough from the menu to choose from. At restaurants like Rib’N Reef in Montreal, the menu is extensive. In this quick post, we are discussing further on how you can order and eat healthy at a steakhouse.

Order the right steak

More than just the fat content of the steak, you have to keep an eye on the portion. Portion control is the best way to watch calories, and we strongly recommend that you check the size before ordering a steak, especially when dining alone. The best choice of steak for low fat is filet mignon, which has around 400 calories per serving. T-bone, porterhouse are big steaks, and should be ideally shared. As far as extent of cooking is concerned, always go for medium-rare, which works best for most cuts.

Check the sides and appetizers

We often end up spending a lot more on appetizers and sides, and these dishes contain considerable calories in disguise. We know you love creamed spinach, but when you want to eat healthy, go for Caesar Salad instead. Also, you will find baked potatoes, which don’t have to be as high on calories as mac and cheese. As for veggies, go for the sautéed varieties that don’t have a lot of extra dressings. Mostly, dressings and sauces are to be blamed for the extra fat and calories, but steakhouses do have enough of salads and soups that are not high on fat content.

Try the seafood

Seafood is always low on calories, unless you have too many add-ons. Oysters, salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimps are good to go, and you can try something like tartare or fried options. Deep-fried items always are loaded with extra calories, so go for pan-fried and sautéed varieties instead. Seafood platters can be found at most steakhouses and are often fulfilling enough for one person.

Steakhouses are incredibly popular all over the globe, and people don’t mind paying for the expensive steaks. However, watch your meals and ensure that you order things you know about. Asking the server for options is never a bad idea. Check online for best steakhouses in your city based on ratings.