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A Guide to Various Timber flooring Species That Suits Every Need

Timber is one of the few materials that integrate nature into your home. It is long-lasting, versatile, and naturally beautiful. Timber takes pride in being one of the only renewable and carbon-positive materials that can be harvested sustainably. It is both safe to handle and ages without degradation and timber floor sanding are also easy. Timber gives a lot of variety to a project from an architectural standpoint. Whether you want delicate grace, organic hew, grand statements, or refined formality, you’ll find timber to suit your needs.

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 In Australia, we tend to be spoiled with woods that reflect not only the strength and variety of our landscape, however, may be used to create an unlimited number of styles thanks to their varied features and aesthetic appeal. Here are some timber species that may interest you –


Western red cedar is the most common type. It is pinkish-red in colour. It’s a soft, straight-grained wood that’s usually used outside for furniture, deck handrails, wall cladding, and window frames because it doesn’t rot in a humid environment. It’s an affordable option.


Eucalyptus is the most common tree in Australia. There are numerous sub-species within the eucalyptus species, each with its own set of characteristics, including colour and grain patterns. Blackbutt (light brown) spotted gum (mid brown), Tasmanian Oak (cream), and Jarrah (dark brown) are some of the most common (red). The prices range from very low to moderately high.


This reddish-brown wood, often known as Douglas Fir or Oregon, is imported from North America. It has a straight grain and moderate strength and low weight, making it a preferred rafter material in Australia. It’s reasonably priced.


There are various types of pine, but the most common in Australia are Radiata, Cypress, and Hoop pine. Although Radiata pine is a popular house-framing wood, it is susceptible to deterioration and termites unless chemically treated. The anti-termite properties of cypress pine have made it a popular flooring material in Australia for decades. Hoop pine is mostly utilized in the production of plywood. Inexpensive.


Ash is wood with a straight, beautiful grain that ranges from white to pale brown. It is often used in furniture production as a decent substitute for white oak since it is easy to work.


Beech is a white to light brown wood that is native to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway and is used for everything from firewood to furniture and flooring. Beech is frequently chosen for furniture that is intended to be painted, rather than more expensive oak or ash, due to its relatively bland grain.

The list is endless, and you may get confused about what to choose. Thus, it is wise to explore a store and speak to a knowledgeable flooring contractor. Also, do your research well. 

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