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7 ways to get the best value for your used car

Almost always, selling your car is a long and drawn-out process. It takes the longest process of all processes to decide to sell your automobile. Do you have a new car on your shopping list?

In case your answer is yes, you’re probably thinking about how you can grab the best market price for your old automobile. We have designed a checklist to assist you in increasing the used car valuation if you intend to sell it.

What are the 7 ways to increase the resale value of a car?

Service Prior to Purchase

An automobile is essentially powered by mechanical components. All they require is a thorough cleaning and the proper lubrication fluids to perform properly. A simple oil change and filter replacement may make a major impact on how well your automobile operates.

A freshly maintained automobile feels smoother, drives better, and gives the customer confidence that he is driving a car in good shape. In addition, give your automobile a wash and wax to make it seem good from the outside. Nobody hates paying a little more money on a car that feels ‘new.’

Ensure that the documentation is flawless.

It is critical that you provide every legal record and document for your automobile when selling it. This implies that you should double-check everything before heading out to sell your automobile.

Original Registration Certificates (RC), Insurance Policies (updated), Pollution Certificates, and Warranty paperwork for different equipment like batteries and tires should be maintained securely. Proper paperwork will undoubtedly boost the used car valuation!

When should you sell your car?

Every kilometer you drive your automobile, its energy and cost-efficiency decrease. From an economic sense, this means that your car’s operational costs will steadily climb.

The worth of your automobile when you sell it online, on the other hand, is determined by a variety of elements, including, but not limited to, the brand, model, technology, current market conditions, and even tertiary factors such as economic growth and reserve bank interest rates.

What you must understand is that, while the cost of driving your automobile will always rise gradually, the market value of your car might fall overnight, frequently without your knowledge.

It has to be cleaned, washed and scrubbed

Before you put your automobile up for sale, you should have a full exterior and interior cleaning program. With technology infiltrating every part of modern life, automobile cleaning and washing have also advanced.

Consider the foam wash method or the steam procedure for the interiors – not only will these techniques help you clean your car from the inside out, but they will also ensure that the buyer gets the correct first impression of your automobile.

This high-quality photograph will come in helpful during negotiations and will help you achieve the greatest price for your automobile.


Key Duplicate

The extra key to your automobile is highly vital to keep secure. Because these items are rarely used, it is best to keep them in a location where they can be quickly located. And, of course! Your car’s new owner will also require it.

Service Record

First and first, whether you intend to sell your car or not, it is always best to get it serviced through an approved source. It is especially vital if you intend to sell your automobile. Because approved service centers are linked, you can always find out about and print out your whole service history. Isn’t it simple?


Fluids That Are Required

Please be considerate and do not deliver a vehicle that is short on critical fluids (such as windshield fluid) and lubricants. While you’re at it, please double-check that every feature and technological aid is functioning properly. And fill that tank to at least one-third of its capacity.


The future resale value of your automobile is a crucial consideration when purchasing a new vehicle. When you decide to sell your automobile, you may often earn a considerable percentage of its purchase price. You can boost the used car valuation even further with appropriate maintenance and safe driving.