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4 Common Types of Garage Doors

Are you building a garage for your home? Are you uncertain about what kind of garage door you should choose? Maybe you have the garage planned and mostly completed and have even already plan on having your Pflugerville garage door installation done by a company that specializes in garage doors like Austin’s Greater Garage Doors, but you can’t complete the process until you have decided on the garage door type. If you are having difficulty deciding what garage door is best for your situation, keep reading to learn about four common types of garage doors.

  1. Sliding

One popular type of garage door is the sliding garage door, also sometimes referred to as a slide to the side garage door or side sliding garage door. As you can probably infer from the name, this type of garage door moves to the side; it bends and presses up against one wall of the garage. This is an earlier garage door style and good for garages with less space overhead.

  1. Roll-up

Roll-up garage doors are another type of garage door good for homeowners with less space on the ceiling. They are often made of galvanized steel and used in commercial applications. These doors roll upwards around a drum or coil. They are built sturdily to endure heavy usage over time.

  1. Sectional

Sectional garage doors are a very popular type of garage door. They are made of four or five sections, or panels, with hinges connecting them. These hinges make it possible for bending; they also allow the door to be positioned and held parallel to the ground. Sectional garage doors also have the benefit of low maintenance.

  1. Side Hinged

Side-hinged garage doors are similar to regular doors, with hinges on the side. Also called swing out garage doors, they open outwards to the side. They are an old-fashioned type of garage door that resemble barn doors. Wood is commonly used for this type of door, but steel has also been used as a material for side hinged garage doors.

These are only four of the more commonly used types of garage doors available. No one type of garage door can be said to be superior to all others in every situation. How well a garage door works for you is a situational thing. Space, size, cost and convenience are all important factors to consider when choosing a garage door. So as you think about these factors, consider the types of garage doors mentioned here and whether they fit your needs or not.