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3 Great Ways To Improve Your Landscaping During the Winter

Wondering how you can boost the appearance of your property throughout the winter? Even though the weather may be cold, there are still some great upgrades you can make to the landscaping around your home. Here are three effective ways to enhance the look of your landscaping during the winter months.

  1. Remove Landscaping Debris

No matter the season, landscape debris that’s left in your yard drags down your property’s overall curb appeal. In addition to the simple job of removing leaves in your yard and flowerbeds, you need to take care of major issues like unsightly tree stumps. Consult the experts in stump grinding Berlin CT to take care of this job and instantly make your yard look more attractive.

  1. Use Winter Plants

An easy way to add color and interest to your yard during the winter is by planting some cold-weather flowers and bushes. Pansies, crocus, snowdrops and winter jasmine thrive in cooler temperatures and add pops of color to your landscaping. Berry bushes also look great in the winter – plant winterberry holly or American beautyberry bushes to brighten up the yard.

  1. Add Landscape Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting throughout your yard gives your property a warm glow and showcases the interesting elements of your house and landscaping. Simply place spotlights in your yard and direct them at the house to highlight architectural features. You can also place lighting fixtures in your trees and point them downward to create the effect of dappled light on the ground. As a finishing touch, place solar-powered lanterns along the walkways that lead to your front door, lighting the way for friends and neighbors as they arrive at your property.

Good landscaping helps your home stand out even on the grayest winter days. Follow the tips above to give your yard an eye-catching update that lasts throughout the winter season.