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12 Laptop Design Trends to Watch

Are you looking to upgrade your old laptop to something that’s top of the line but aren’t sure which features to watch?

Over 75% of Americans own a laptop which makes it ripe for innovation and advancement. There’s always something new and improved to see in the technology world and laptops are no different.

It’s sometimes overwhelming to keep track of all the laptop design trends, which is why we’ve put together this guide. Listed down below are all of the rising trends that give you the most bang for your buck. Check them out down below!

  1. Thinner Casing

Mobility is key when it comes to laptop trends. Consumers want the ability to toss their laptop in a bag while still having plenty of room for other objects.

They want to have no trouble pulling out the laptop and getting to work anywhere they choose.

That’s why laptops are getting thinner every generation. Manufacturers recognize the fact that many people don’t want to deal with bulky mobile devices. It makes the actual mobility far more difficult.

The top laptop makers, such as Lenovo, condense their laptop designs into something as slim and sleek as possible. Make sure to click here to learn more!

  1. Durable Alloys

Despite the thinner appeal, newer laptops choose high-quality materials that have strong durability. Since laptops are mobile, it’s important that the device survives a few bumps. After all, how many of us have accidentally dropped our laptops from time to time?

Instead of choosing a laptop maker that focuses on cheaper materials, it’s best to look for those that use the strongest materials. No one wants to lose all of the information stored on their laptop due to an accident.

Avoid laptops that use plastic casing since this provides the least amount of protection. Instead, pick a laptop that has a casing made from smooth metals, such as aluminum. It might cost a little more than other varieties, but it’s worth the extra cash when an accident happens.

  1. Eliminating Blue Light

For the longest time, blue lights reigned supreme in most mobile devices. Everyone used it in their designs because of the way it helps us focus.

The problem is that blue light can disrupt your sleep patterns. It’s a common issue for people to struggle with falling asleep after using their laptops before bed.

With so many of us using our mobile devices throughout all hours of the day and night, it’s time for a change. This is why it’s a growing trend to have laptop hardware that uses OLED lights instead of the traditional options.

OLEDs are unique because they create a wide and soft glow instead of using pinpricks or lines to get the same effect. It’s better for your eyes and eliminates the blue light problem.

  1. Vivid Displays

When it’s time to get a new laptop, no one wants a screen that looks dull and dark. We want bright colors that make pictures pop off the screen with unmatched beauty.

So many users watch videos and movies on their laptops these days that it drives laptop trends to produce better displays. We’re so used to this kind of vivid quality in our new televisions that it feels like a downgrade if our laptops don’t match.

This is the main reason why manufacturers are starting to put a lot of effort into the quality of their laptop displays. Don’t settle for less if you often watch your favorite movies on your laptop!

  1. Faster Performance

One of the top technology trends that everyone desires is faster performance. No one wants to wait around while their laptop starts up or tries to load a website. We all want quick response times and easy access to our favorite media.

When you’re looking to upgrade your laptop, make sure to compare your old performance with the new one. If the laptop processor doesn’t give you a big jump in performance, you’ll want to look for another alternative.

It’s better to splurge on a laptop that gets the job done than one that takes forever to load the simplest software.

  1. Stronger Gaming Capabilities

In addition to watching movies and using software, many laptop users want the capability to play their favorite games on a portable device. Mobile games are a popular choice, but sometimes we want to play something that requires more computing power.

That’s why you’ll want to look for manufacturers that put extra effort into their product’s gaming capabilities. You don’t need a specific gaming laptop to play a lot of the new games coming out.

The best part is that these components have a positive impact on the rest of the laptop’s capabilities as well.

  1. Lighter Weight

In the past, laptops were thick bricks that were a pain to carry around. They were portable but often caused backaches and neck aches as users brought them from one place to another.

These days, manufacturers focus on trying to create the thinnest laptop casings to make things lighter for the consumer. They also find ways to condense and miniaturize the inner components to help offset the weight even more. As technology advances, it’ll be possible to make laptops even lighter in the future.

If you enjoy bringing your laptop everywhere you go, it’s important to pick a laptop that doesn’t weigh too much. Otherwise, you’ll start to resent your laptop for being such a burden!

  1. Longer Battery Life

Have you ever been in the middle of a vital meeting or an exciting movie when your laptop battery light pops up? It’s an annoyance that no one wants to deal with and it’s why laptops put such focus on better battery life.

Long-lasting batteries make it easier for you to do anything you want with your laptop without ever being stuck at an outlet.

Another rising trend is the type of battery that has longevity. Many older laptops need to be plugged in at all times due to a battery that no longer holds a charge. When looking for a new laptop, make sure to take into consideration the battery life.

Otherwise, you’ll need to charge it often while trying to get your work done.

  1. Better Audio

Watching a movie with bad audio ruins the entire experience. Laptop manufacturers want to give their consumers better speakers and audio quality so that users enjoy their videos as much as possible.

Many laptops these days try to improve the way the audio sounds, through both the speakers and headphones. Make sure to keep an eye on how laptops evolve as this trend gets stronger in the technology market.

  1. Advanced Cameras

How many pictures do you take with your phone? Have you ever wanted a stationary camera that would allow you to take highly-detailed pictures with ease?

Almost every laptop comes with a camera attached to it these days since we all love to take pictures with our mobile devices. A phone is quick and easy, but a laptop has stronger components to ensure that your pictures are crisp and clear no matter what.

It’s also great for taking timed pictures when you’re with your friends so no one has to stay behind the camera to get the best shot. The picture and color quality are unmatched!

  1. Wireless Accessories

One of the biggest problems with using a laptop is dealing with all the cords. Depending on what you’re doing, you could have cords for charging your laptop, a microphone, a headset, and more.

This is one of the biggest reasons why many laptop users much prefer using wireless accessories. It makes it easier to move the laptop from one place to another. Plus, it looks far better when you don’t need to see tons of different cords coming out of your laptop.

It’s also a good way to ensure your laptop stays safe. It’s far too easy for a child or an animal to get caught in the cords and send your laptop tumbling to the floor. Fewer cords are always the better choice!

  1. Intuitive User Experience

Sometimes getting a new laptop can be confusing since you’re so used to the one you’ve had for years. A growing trend in the laptop industry is figuring out how to make the user experience easier and more intuitive.

This way, you’ll never have any trouble getting used to a new computer no matter how many upgrades it has in comparison to your old one. Ensuring you have a good experience every time you use your laptop makes using that laptop a joy instead of a headache.

These Laptop Design Trends Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Next Laptop

The good news about all of these laptop design trends is the fact that each one has the user in mind. It doesn’t matter if you use your laptop for work, pleasure, or both. With these growing trends, you’ll be sure to feel the difference as laptops get better and better.

Keep an eye out for the next iteration of your favorite laptop brand to find a laptop that’ll improve your productivity and relaxation!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Technology section for all the latest news and advice!