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You Need Such a Watch

HONOR’s smart watches have focused on sports health. When you buy Smart Watch in UK, you may need a smart watch like HONOR Magic Watch. Let’s look at its specific parameters.

HONOR Watch Magic adopts the shape of a round dial. Due to its 9.8 mm thin body, the overall visual sense of HONOR Watch is more inclined to traditional watches. The outer edge of the dial is engraved with some white numbers and a red English word “TRCHYMETER”. There are silver and black color combinations for users to choose from. The color matching is black. The watchband is a silicone watch with red and black colors. The surface is black, and the inside is red. The overall style of HONOR Watch Magic has injected a new vitality.

Unlike traditional watches, the “electronic watch” looks at functions: endurance and other functions.

Many consumers have insisted that the endurance of “smart” sports watches is the most important of all functions. Many people will choose not to use them after wearing them for a month or two. It is meaningful to talk about functions on the basis of good endurance. HONOR’s official introduction is that with heart rate monitoring and GPS turned off, it can last for 2 weeks. When the heart rate monitoring is turned on, the endurance can be 1 week. If the GPS is turned on to start the movement, the endurance is 10 hours.

Many users are satisfied with this data. Many users turn on heart rate monitoring. More than ten days of endurance is enough to cope with many situations.

On the back of the watch, HONOR watch uses high-strength nylon and fiber plastic back shell. It customizes professional devices with TOP suppliers in the industry to enable watches to have real-time heart rate monitoring function 24 hours a day. This brings more accurate data. It enables users to know their own physical condition.

After the watch was turned on and connected to the mobile phone, I saw these functions other than battery life from the “sports health APP”. They are scientific sleep, continuous heart rate measurement, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, message notification (app application information push), weather push, wrist lifting and bright screen, etc.

In addition to the “other functions” in the sports health APP, the watch can check the functions, for example, there are 9 dial options, the function of finding mobile phones, etc.

It can have most of the functions and super endurance in such a small body, and only this brand-new HONOR watch can do it.