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Why Should You Consider Solar Power?

Today we are more concerned than ever about creating a more environmentally friendly world and that includes finding clean and renewable sources of energy. Well, there aren’t many sources of energy more renewable than the sun. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in companies capitalizing on the power of the sun by providing low-cost alternatives to the standard forms of energy we have used for decades. Many of these companies will install a solar power system New Jersey that can power your home or business.

History of Solar Power

Although the history of using the power of the sun is as old as the beginning of the earth, using that power to create a usable source of electricity starts with Bell Labs in 1954. Silicon photovoltaic cells were the key to this, and Bell Labs developed the first one. This development allowed us to convert solar radiation into electricity efficiently and as time passes and we develop new technology we have been able to increase that efficiency. People weren’t quick to adopt this new technology, however, since it took federal and state incentives driving down the cost of panels to make this technology more popular.

Why Should I Consider Solar Power?

Using renewable sources of energy that aren’t depleted by overuse (like fossil fuels are) is one way we can ensure future generations will have affordable energy as well. In addition to this, solar power also can save you money by lowering electric bills, increasing your property value and earning you great returns.

Is Solar Power Expensive?

No, in fact, the cost of solar energy has dropped substantially over the past few years, with the cost of installation dropping a whopping 60 percent in the last decade. Several states actually offer rebates and incentives for solar power users which may decrease the cost of solar power even more.

It is looking more and more like solar power is here to stay and will continue to increase in popularity as time passes and more people see how affordable and efficient this form of energy is.