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When to Stop Using Baby Monitors

Parents put everything to ensure their baby or kids are safe. One of the common option is baby monitor. It has been the best choice for monitoring what baby does during nighttime. Keep in mind that it is only temporary and parents must stop in the right time. Click here if you need help identifying the best baby monitor.

The question is when to stop using baby monitor and reasons you do such thing.  Before answering this question, you should go back and see why this device is necessary. After that, you conclude all purposes have been fulfilled and there is no use for prolonging a monitor anymore.

The Best Time to Stop Using Monitor for a Baby

In general, you will not find definitive rule about stopping a baby monitor. Some parents decide up to six months and other might choose until five year old. The most important thing is how they justify the situation and necessary. You cannot get rid of monitor due to reach certain period. More explanation will be listed in the following section.


  • 6-12 month olds


A baby will stay in the hospital for first week before going home. During that time, parent can discuss and decide what to be done in the nursery room. Based on experience, people can prepare everything but there is always unexpected situation that must be dealt immediately after baby is born. 

This is when a baby monitor becomes mandatory to be installed. Parent keeps a baby and provides quick response when something. After six months, a baby will sleep normally and quietly. Therefore, a monitor is no longer necessary or you just reduce one by one with only the most necessary thing is installed at the end.


  • 2 years old


The next option is 2 years old as the appropriate age when a monitor is no longer needed. In this age, baby starts to be toddler and becomes active. Baby crib is expanded and a monitor is installed for additional surveillance. 

Since six month olds, parents may use on and off mode depending on the situation and necessity. If baby has health issue, a monitor is in on mode and vice versa when situation is normal. After two years old, your baby becomes your kid that deserves privacy.

  • 5 years old

Few parents decide to put a monitor until 5 years old. This is rare situation but happens at specific condition. A kid might have severe health issue that requires constant monitoring. Another factor is from the parent that is lack of personal assurance. 

It might be the past experience and the latest event that increases monitoring on a baby. After age reaches more than five years old, kids starts to understand complex thing. In this case, parents must force to uninstall and get rid of every monitor. 

From explanation above, you understand when to stop using baby monitor. It is a matter of time and situation. When time is right, a monitor is no longer in use as long as situation is in the right order. 

On the contrary, there is time when parents do not have any choice because a monitor must be removed immediately because it is no longer bring the utmost utilization.