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What you should know about Surgical Associates

Surgical Associates are physicians who perform surgical procedures, which include repairing and removing various types of injuries and diseases and restoring health. They have training in general surgery and other specific areas, such as plastic and reconstructive surgery. Some surgical associates work for private companies, while medical facilities employ others.

Surgical Specialists at White Plains Hospital

Surgical Specialists at White Plains Hospital offer a wide range of services. The hospital uses the latest technology and procedures to treat conditions. This includes minimally invasive surgeries and advanced treatment options. These procedures provide quicker recovery times and enhanced quality of life. The hospital has multi-specialty practices in Armonk and Scarsdale, NY.

White Plains Hospital has a team of specialists in urology, hepatobiliary surgery, general surgery, colorectal surgery, and spinal surgery. These specialists work together to provide patients with comprehensive care. The team also works with patients’ primary care physicians.

Spine surgeries are minimally invasive to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and herniated discs. These surgeries can also be used to treat degenerative spine conditions. Spine surgeons are experienced in both open and minimally invasive procedures. These surgeries help patients to reduce the risks associated with smoking and deformities. The hospital also offers a wide range of services to ensure a patient’s comfort during surgery.

Lewis County Surgical Associates

Surgical Associates has been a part of the Lewis County Health System for over 20 years. They have been instrumental in providing compassionate surgical care and will continue to do so. Surgical Associates also understands the stress of surgery and will work with patients to ensure they are comfortable and know what to expect.

Lewis County Surgical Associates is located on the Lewis County General Hospital campus. Their staff will be happy to answer your questions about specific procedures and help you prepare for surgery. They will also be able to discuss the options for recovery.

The Lewis County General Hospital is the largest employer in the county. They provide health care and human services to fourteen counties in Central New York. They also provide diagnostic imaging services.

The Lewis County Health System recently launched a fundraising campaign to fund new medical infrastructure. They have been awarded a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Central Maine Surgical Associates

Located within Central Maine Medical Center, Central Maine Surgical Associates is a group of surgeons providing patients with various surgical procedures. The team of seasoned surgeons can handle everything from splenectomy to colectomy. The team also has experience performing the standard bile duct procedures, including Nissen fundoplication. In addition, the team has a team of clinical and clerical staff to handle your needs. Moreover, the team can provide appointments on short notice and virtual visits.

As for the staff, Central Maine Surgical Associates is comprised of surgeons, nurses, and support staff. In addition, the surgeons have received advanced training in laparoscopic surgical techniques. The team performs the most innovative laparoscopic surgeries in the state of Maine. The team can perform all surgical procedures, from minimally invasive gynecological surgeries to complex hernias and peptic ulcer diseases.

The team, as mentioned earlier, of surgeons is supported by a well-rounded team of nurses, clerical staff, and management personnel. In addition, the team offers virtual visits and telehealth services.

Somerset Surgical Associates, LLC

Surgical Associates, LLC is a laparoscopic general surgery practice that offers a wide range of surgical procedures. It also offers endovascular and robotic surgeries. It also provides radiofrequency ablation for varicose veins. In addition, the practice develops a patient-centered surgical treatment plan. The practice also offers a cancer genetic testing program. Its surgeons are experienced in various surgeries and take the time to listen to each patient’s concerns.

Surgical Associates, LLC is a member of the Steeplechase Cancer Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. It has five members specializing in General Practice, Vascular Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Physician Assistant, and General Surgery. They offer various services, including colon, laparoscopic, and endovascular surgery. They also provide intuitive robotic technology and radiofrequency ablation.

The practice provides anesthesia administration, pre-operative medication prescription, laboratory testing, and post-operative care. The surgery practice also provides education for patients before and after their surgery.