What Should You Bring and Not Bring to A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are one of the frequent events you will have to attend once your friends start getting married one after the other. If someone invites you to a baby shower, remember to bring baby shower gifts to the said event in Singapore.

Since this is your first time, you should know there are the things you can and cannot bring to a baby shower. Read on to find out what those are.

Things You Should Not Bring


While there is nothing wrong with giving used items to welcome a new baby, you should make sure your gift is clean and stain-free. Otherwise, the parents will not think twice about throwing your present away.


Even though the baby shower gifts you will bring are new, if they are poor quality, your present will look more like crap. If you cannot find a gift at the last minute, you should get a baby hamper delivery in Singapore instead. It contains every baby essential that new mothers require.

Things To Bring


Whether you are buying a baby hamper in Singapore or not, you should always buy a large size. Since babies tend to grow faster, your gift will be a blessing for parents once their baby has outgrown the clothes they have in their closet.


New born babies are all the same. They have nothing else to do but sleep and breastfeed. And giving more onesies as baby shower gifts will relieve parents since they will have more spares for changing their baby’s clothes.


Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, your gift set in Singapore should have muslin blankets. They are a practical present since parents can use them for various purposes, such as swaddles, changing pads, stroller covers, or burp cloths.

Above anything else, make sure to buy high-quality baby items. Consider buying from a reliable baby clothing store like Arthur Lawson. They have everything you need for baby shower gifts in Singapore.