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What is IPL Laser Treatment Meant For? Is it Effective?

Sun damage is not uncommon. The kind of photodamage that we’re talking about isn’t limited to just sunburns. The deeper level of damage due to UV exposure leads to the development of black and brown spots, premature skin aging, flaking and uneven pigmentation, and much much more. It’s not incomprehensible that dermatologists suggest more than just sunscreens in such cases of damage. That’s because sunscreens can protect the skin but they cannot repair the damage that’s already been done. One of the best treatments for treating photodamaged skin is the IPL skin treatment. 

IPL means intense pulsed light. The first thing that people confuse IPL with is lasers. Bear in mind, IPL is not your usual laser treatment for hair removal. The light beams used in IPL are from the broadband spectrum that can correct sun-damaged skin. That being said, let’s take you through some more specifics. 

Who is the Suitable IPL Candidate? 

IPL treatment works on fair to medium-brown skin colors only. If you have dark skin, this is not the right treatment for you. Needless to say, even if you are a suitable candidate, the treatment cannot be done if your skin is tanned or sunburnt. 

Is IPL Treatment Safe? 

100% safety is one of the reasons that Clinique Anti Aging IPL laser treatment is dermatologically recommended. The doctor prescribes the pre-treatment and post-treatment precautions that must be followed. 

During the pre-preparation stage, you should avoid stepping out in the sun at least 20 days before the treatment is scheduled. It is also necessary to wear HIGH-SPF broadband sunscreen indoors. 

During the post-preparation stage, doctors again recommend wearing sunscreen all day long and not going out in the sun for the first 10-15 days. 

What to Expect? 

The best thing about IPL is that despite technically being a sun-damage correction technique, it also offers the benefits of being an effective anti-aging treatment. 

When you get this treatment done, here’s what you get in the end – a blemish-free and wrinkle-free skin that’s supple, radiant, taut, and soft. 

How Long Does the Result Last?

First of all, usually, a single session of IPL is enough, at max 2. The exact number of sessions can be determined by the doctor after he/she physically examines your skin for the amount of damage. 

The results that are achieved can last for 6 months. You need to get 2-4 touch-up sessions yearly to maintain the results.