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What Are the Different Materials Used for Retractable Pergola Canopies?

There are a few main types of pergola canopies. Some are fabric-covered, while others are constructed of wood or fiberglass. Regardless of the type of pergola, you will likely want to consider the materials used to ensure that it is properly built. Here are some basic details about these materials:


There are many options for fabrics used for retractable pergola canopies. The fabric used is the main difference between a pergola canopy and a pergola cover. If you want a simple, trim canopy, sailcloth, or other similar materials is a great option. Sailcloth is water-resistant, colorfast, and dries quickly. Other options include canvas, woven materials, and different types of fabric.


When looking for a retractable pergola canopy, you will likely be faced with two different material choices: vinyl and fiberglass. Although both have similar looks, vinyl and fiberglass are often more durable and require less maintenance. In addition, vinyl is often cheaper and easier to install. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is a more durable option for larger pergolas. In addition, its non-porous nature means it can withstand the varying temperatures and frequent pressure of wind without cracking or sagging.


Retractable pergola canopies are usually made of wood. To build them, you must first create the posts. After setting the posts, you can then start drilling the eye screws. You can drill these at various angles and diagonals to get even spacing. Then, you can attach the turnbuckles by extending the hook end counter-clockwise. You should extend the wire rope to the eye end of the turnbuckles. Finally, measure the wire rope’s length so you can cut the ends accordingly.

Vinyl-framed pergolas

Vinyl pergolas are a great option if you want a pergola that can provide shade without much maintenance. While this material can cost a little more than wood, they are durable and low-maintenance. In addition, vinyl pergolas can incorporate lighting, speakers, and heaters. These pergolas are also great if you want to customize your space without breaking the bank. But you should know that vinyl is not a good choice for every project.

Louvered roof pergolas

louvered roof pergola is an excellent way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while protecting you from harmful UV rays. Louvers on a pergola can be adjusted to regulate the intensity of sunlight and rain. These pergolas can also be equipped with mosquito-free appliances and ceiling fans to add even more functionality to your outdoor space. If you’re considering purchasing a louvered roof pergola for your patio or backyard, check out the different materials available.

Wooden-frame pergolas

If you’re considering a pergola canopy for your yard, you may be wondering how to go about building one yourself. While it is possible to make one yourself with basic materials from home centers, it is not as effective as other styles. Unlike the retractable variety, wooden pergola canopies don’t require complicated mechanisms, such as pulleys and mechanical gears. Unfortunately, though, these pergola canopies are susceptible to damage during high winds and rain. Additionally, the semi-translucent fabric used doesn’t provide complete shade.

Metal-framed pergolas

Consider getting a metal-framed retractable canopy if you want a pergola for your outdoor living space. These are made with aluminum extrusions and other stainless steel components and are durable. They are also UV-protected and won’t rust, crack, or fade. These canopies are perfect for both sunny and shady conditions. Besides the apparent benefits, they also look great and provide a functional outdoor living space. You can use them for family get-togethers, BBQs, reading zones, or outdoor dining. The possibilities are endless.