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What Are the Benefits to a Memory Care Facility?

You may find yourself caring for a family member that is suffering from dementia and requires additional care. At some point in your life, you may find that you are no longer able to provide the care that your family member needs. This is when you may need to consider an assisted living memory care facility.

Some of the points for consideration are that a specialized facility has staff that is able to care for those that need special care. The nursing staff at these facilities are trained in the special needs of those in all stages of dementia. These nurses are trained in a wide range of areas, including activities that can help them begin to understand what it is like living with dementia.

Memory care patients require special activities to keep them engaged. They often feel agitated, so it is important to keep them calm, relaxed, and happy. It is important that they have stimulation. Those with dementia have certain behaviors that indicate they are worried or full of anxiety. They can be helped to channel their anxious feelings into more beneficial activities. This also keeps them busy and engaged in the environment around them.

Those that suffer from dementia often have difficulty with nutrition. Memory care facilities offer special meals that help them get the calories they need while keeping their likes and dislikes in mind when it comes to a menu. Residents are given several choices, so they can continue to make decisions for themselves. They offer meals that allow them to sit and socialize with others in the facility. Mealtime allows for the residents to remain independent and maintain their dignity. These qualities are incredibly important for individuals as they age. They can use adaptive utensils or plates that help them continue to feed themselves even when advanced stages of dementia may be setting in.

Memory care facilities are a secure place for those with dementia to live. Safety is a top priority for these individuals. They are not always the best with judgment, making decisions, or remembering things. They have alarms on the doors and exits. They have lights that turn on with sensors and sinks that operate by touch instead of turning on the faucet. Not only do these features keep the residents safe, but they also allow them to continue to be independent.

A memory care facility offers some extras like more housekeeping, social work, and advanced nursing. These facilities have support groups for the family and friends of the resident. This helps them continue to have meaningful relationships that do not stop just because the individual has dementia. When you find yourself having to make this choice, it is not easy. It can help when you have all the information about the facilities, so you can feel confident in the choice you are making. You want to continue to have input into the care your loved one receives. You do not want to take your family member to a facility and feel like you are dumping them there. This may be one of the most important choices that you have to make.