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What A Webcam Model Doesn’t Want You To Know About Her?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that webcam models like to keep certain aspects of their lives private. Even if their members develop strong feelings for them, it’s normal that cam girls aren’t really that involved.

After all, if we are talking about non-adult modeling agencies, they are only paid to have long-lasting and meaningful conversations, and, after the working hours, they get back to their family and private lives. Most of the time, even if they are themselves and don’t try to create a character for their members, models will consider certain topics taboo and won’t ever talk about them.

Here’s what a webcam model doesn’t want you to know about her:

  1. That she has a boyfriend or a husband.

In the majority of cases, a webcam model won’t talk about the fact that she is in a relationship, be it a new one or long-term marriage. First of all, her private life is none of her members’ business. Secondly, by not talking about her status, she implies that she is single, which can only be good news for her members. They will feel that she talks only to them, they are the ones who make her truly happy, and vice versa. This will result in a stronger relationship and mutual benefits.

  1. That she doesn’t feel the same way about you.

A webcam model will never tell her members that she doesn’t have strong feelings for them. This could affect their ego, as well as her and the studio’s profits. Some members’ lives revolve around the cam girl they love and finding out his feelings aren’t mutual would be a hard blow. But, after all, since a cam girl has tens or hundreds of members, it’s normal that she doesn’t develop the same attachment.


  1. How much she depends on your attention.

Undoubtedly, a webcam model needs a lot of members to be successful, both in terms of popularity, as well as financially. No matter how experienced she is, if a lot of members disappeared overnight, she would be in difficulty. Therefore, she shouldn’t take any one of them for granted and always treat them with the same attention, care, and respect as always. Even if she doesn’t like to admit that, each and every one of her members is important and her career relies greatly on the bond she makes with them.

  1. The money she makes from online modeling.

Last but not least, a professional webcam model will never talk about the earnings from her activity. First of all, she most certainly has confidentiality clauses in her contract, and secondly, talking about such mundane things could potentially ruin the magic. Furthermore, giving the fact that men always want to feel in control, some members might feel upset or humiliated that a woman makes twice or even ten times as much money as they do.

Are YOU a webcam model? What would YOU like to keep a secret from your members?