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Types of Solar Roofs

Choosing the right roof is essential. You want a roof that endures time and keeps your home looking good. There are a variety of options available. Choosing the right one can take time and effort. Here are some pointers to aid with your decision-making.

Dragonscale solar roof

The dragon scale roof has been developed to maximize solar energy production. The curved shapes of the roof generate energy for the long hours of the day. They are also designed to prevent water seepage and eliminate the need for aluminum framing.

The roof uses patented coating technology to trap light from all angles. It also reduces reflective glare for aircraft pilots. The surface is made of colorful glass, which catches light particles.

The roof also has a unique coating technology that keeps rain and winds out and a rhomboidal arrangement of solar tiles that resembles a diamond. Each shingle is covered with a specially developed anti-glare coating.

The dragon-scale solar roof is a part of Google’s goal to run its data centers and headquarters carbon-free by 2030. It will produce 7 megawatts of renewable power to cover 40% of the campus’s energy needs. The campus will also feature an underground geothermal battery and heat source to warm the building.

Textured prismatic glass shingle

Using a textured prismatic glass shingle instead of a traditional flat roof is a novel way to go green.

Unlike a traditional roof, the shingles can bounce backward until the light is absorbed, which is the key to a successful solar array. Fire-resistant Tedlar backs these shingles to boot. The best part is that it is a walkable surface that is as durable as its cousins.

The Sunstyle solar shingles are guaranteed to last at least 30 years. They are also UL/IEC certified. They were conceived to preserve historical barn roofs while producing solar power for a modern agricultural facility. They were also designed to take advantage of the curvature of a roof in a manner that eluded traditional flat panels. This shingle has a unique double curvature that allows for a larger surface area. The design is not only energy efficient but also elegant looking.

Lightweight and easy to install

Having a lightweight and relatively easy-to-install solar roof can help you save money on energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and improve the value of your home. A solar roof can also add a wow factor to your home, enhancing its curb appeal.

A lightweight and easy-to-install solar roof can be incorporated into your existing roof. The best part is that it is virtually maintenance-free. 


Whether you are building a new construction, a retrofit, or a renovation, solar roof shingles have you covered. They have been used in over 500 installations worldwide. They are guaranteed a competitive product warranty and are durable enough to walk on.

The solar roof tiles have been designed to provide the best possible power generation capacity. They are also highly resistant to wind and hail. Each tile features a diamond-shaped design that complements the overall architecture of your building.

They have been used in hundreds of European projects, including commercial buildings and residences. They are UL/IEC-certified, wind-resistant, and meet building and construction codes. A 30-year warranty also backs them.

Unlike conventional solar panels, Solar roofs can be installed on new structures or retrofitted to existing buildings. They offer an elegant uniform look. In addition, they can be installed by a single crew, which eliminates the need for multiple layers of roofing material.