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Tips for Choosing a Tree Care Service

Many people think that tree care consists of planting trees and trimming up the lower branches so you can enjoy the shade. However, trees require very specific care, from pruning to fertilization. However, pruning in some areas, such as near power lines, can be dangerous for humans and pruning incorrectly can damage or kill your trees. Before you start searching for a tree service for residential Fairfield CT, consider the following tips.

Survey the Neighborhood

Look at the trees in your neighborhood or town. Are there areas or homes with well-manicured trees? You may ask your neighbors what tree service they used. If your friends and family members are in the area and have hired someone, you can ask them as well. Real estate agents and your local chamber of commerce may also give you recommendations.

Do Some Research

As you research the tree companies in your area, consider looking at what services each offers. For example, if you have a dead or diseased tree, it requires removal, so your tree service should offer removal. Then, search for how they dispose of the waste and whether they will refill the hole where the three sat.

Next, check the companies’ reviews, including their Better Business Bureau reviews. Look for high-quality, reasonable-priced services. Make sure you review all their qualifications and find out what tools they use.

First Contact

Call the companies to set up a meeting. They should offer to provide you with an on-site meeting and estimate. While they are there, ask for proof of insurance. Also, request references and contact them. Finally, ask whether the company provides a satisfaction guarantees.

Review the Estimates

Gather estimates from a few companies. Were you provided with a detailed list of the tree care that will be completed? Did the service discuss disposal? Compare the services each company will provide

Also, compare the services’ prices. Low price isn’t always better. Search for company that offers high-quality service at a reasonable price. The bill should be paid when the work is complete.

Tree trimming is complicated and can be dangerous. Therefore, consider working with a professional tree company.