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Things To Know About Workers’ Compensation

As you enter the workforce or start a new job, your HR manager will go over a bunch of paperwork with you. In this paperwork will be workers’ compensation policies. However, they will not tell you that if you are injured at work, your best chance of gaining  a workers’ compensation settlement is to hire a local attorney, such as an Iowa workers compensation lawyer.

What is Workers’ Compensation

Although workers’ compensation is a national program, it is administered by the states. The Workers’ Compensation Act (1908) balances worker and employer rights. It enables hurt employees to gain compensation while protecting employers from being sued for employees’ injuries.

Therefore, workers’ compensation is insurance that settles disputes between employers and employees when an employee is injured. This program offers employees and their families benefits when employees are hurt on the job. This insurance covers lost wages, medical treatments, vocational training and other expenses.

Types of Injuries

Not all work-related injuries are covered under workers’ compensation. For example, those injuries that are self-inflicted, caused while committing a crime or intoxicated or resulted because an employee violated company policy are not covered. However, any physical injury or action that accelerates a preexisting condition during normal work duties is covered. Injuries received during work-sponsored activities, including picnics and breaks, may also be covered. Physical injuries may include hearing or sight loss, diseases from toxins and physical strain on the muscles and bones.

Death is also covered. If an employee dies on the job, that employee’s beneficiaries can receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Right to Trial

Workers’ compensation cases do not receive jury trials. Administrative law judges typically rule on these cases if they end up in court. However, most insurance companies try to settle these cases out of court. If an individual does not think a settlement is high enough, a hearing may be pursued.

If you want the best result from your workers’ compensation claim and are having difficulty getting your needs met, consider hiring a reputable workers’ compensation attorney.