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Things To Know About Bail Bonds

Bail is the amount a defendant must pay to be released from jail. The bail amount is determined by a set schedule in the jail or by a judge during a bail hearing. A local bail bonding company, which you can find through searching “bail bonds Scranton PA,” can be a valuable asset during these challenging times.

Types of Bonds

If you have the money to pay the entire amount of bail in cash or through credit card, you can get a cash bond. Some courts will also accept property (property bond) in place of cash for bail.

Surety bonds involve a third-party that pays the bail bond for the defendant. Surety bonds are the most common bail bond type. However, federal bail bonds are required for federal crimes, such as kidnapping, fraud and bank robbery crimes. In these cases, the defendant must pay a higher fee than a surety bond and provide collateral.

Defendants may also be released on their own recognizance if they are not deemed a flight risk and have ties to the local community. These individuals are also not typically a danger to themselves or others, have clean criminal histories and are nonviolent offenders. Finally, defendants can receive a citation release from a police officer.

Getting the Bond

When you go to a bail bonding company to gain the release of a loved one, you will typically have to pay a 10-20% fee. This is a fee, so you will not get it back. You are also likely required to provide collateral. Collateral can be real estate, vehicles, jewelry, stocks and bonds or any other valuable asset. Then, the bonding company will secure the release of the defendant.

Bond Violations

Before signing the bond paperwork, read it carefully. You must adhere to the bond company’s rules in addition to fulfilling your court obligations, which are typically more involved than just showing up to court. Violating the bond may cause you to lose your collateral and may put the defendant back in jail.

Bail bondsmen are valuable resources. If you need more information about this process, contact a reputable bonding company.