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The Rise, Fall, And Comeback Of American Cheese

American cheese is an extremely well-known product in the United States. It originated in Switzerland, not America, back in the 1910s to create a cheese with a longer shelf life. Later, JL Kraft experimented with a similar process and patented it in 1916.

American cheese has been a part of American history for over 100 years and is an everyday staple in many American dishes.

For those who don’t know about American cheese, let me tell you what it really is. American cheese is a type of processed cheese that is usually made from cheddar and sometimes from Colby or similar cheese. American cheese has a creamy and salty flavour, and the medium-firm consistency and the low melting point of the American cheese makes it the best cheese for burgers.

The popularity of American cheese rose very quickly, and it served its purpose; it was convenient, lasted for a long time, and tasted amazing. Millions of Americans fell in love with the burger cheese. Even the American troops enjoyed sustenance and the taste of home during World War I and II.

In the 1950s, American cheese was considered perfect, be it the shape, taste, and convenience; people fancied every little thing about American cheese.

With time the American cheese culture expanded, many other kinds of cheese were introduced, and people started experimenting. Not only that but people became more health-conscious, they started avoiding the processed foods — the Americans preferred whole foods with real ingredients.

In the health-conscious society, people wanted to know where their food came from, what ingredients are used, and how their body will process it. American cheese became popular once again, but for all the wrong reasons.

With the negative popularity, there was a huge fall in the demand and sales of American cheese. The smart cheesemakers took benefit of this situation and introduced organic cheeses with the transparent production process. This became one more reason for the fall of American cheese.

However, not everyone moved away from American cheese, and many consumers stood by the burger cheese, especially the fast-food chains. They continued to use American cheese in their burgers.

Over time, people understood American cheese was not an inherently bad thing but was misunderstood. The manufacturers made the production process of American cheese transparent and increased the percentage of cheese used and decreased the use of other ingredients.

Finally, American cheese was back in the game, and since then, it is winning

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