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The Benefits of Putting Up Gutter Guards

Gutters clogged with pine needles, twigs and leaves are a fire hazard in bushfire-prone areas. They can also become a breeding ground for pests, such as birds, mice, squirrels, spiders and mosquitoes. Gutter guards can prevent problems from nesting in your gutters by preventing them from accessing the stagnant water inside. They also act as a physical barrier between embers and the debris.

Prevents Water Damage

Your roof and house cannot function properly without gutters. They keep rainwater flowing away from the foundation and landscaping. With them, your foundation can be protected. Water can also seep into basements and walls, causing mold and mildew. It is expensive to repair and can decrease your home’s resale value. Gutter guards prevent clogs by keeping leaves, pinecones, twigs and organic debris from entering the gutter system. These clogs lead to poor rainwater drainage and damage to your home and garden. Gutter protection minimizes stagnant water, which mosquitoes and other pests love to breed. It also prevents rodents and birds from nesting in the gutters. It makes your home a much safer place for your family. The perfect gutter guards Vancouver for your home are available in various materials and designs.

Prevents Ice Dams

Gutter guards reduce the chance of ice dams forming. These ice dams are caused when heat escapes from the home and melts the snow, but when it reaches a spot on the roof that is no longer warm, the snow refreezes into ice. The resulting ice dam will develop over time and may result in water damage to the basement or attic, ceiling or roof leaks, the formation of mold, or even structural issues. Gutter guards prevent this by keeping leaves, twigs, pine needles and acorns from clogging the gutters. They also maximize the flow of rainwater and direct it away from the house. Stagnant rainwater can cause mold and algae to develop on the roof, and water leaking from a clogged gutter can erode the ground around the house’s foundation.

Prevents Bushfires

When leaves, twigs, and other debris accumulate on the roof eaves of a home, they can act as fire tinder. It is especially a problem in areas that are prone to bushfires. The embers from a burning bushfire can fly far and land on dry material like pine needles, leaves, and twigs. These will quickly ignite and spread the fire to other parts of the property. Gutter guards prevent this from happening by ensuring that embers will have no fuel to burn. They also keep the eaves free of debris and make the house more attractive to potential buyers. Gutter guards can prevent pest infestations, too, by keeping the gutters clean and preventing them from being filled with water, which attracts mosquitoes, mice, ants, and spiders.

Prevents Pest Infestations

Gutter guards work like filters to prevent leaves, twigs and debris from entering your gutter system. It reduces the chances of clogs and the need for regular cleaning. If left unchecked, a build-up of wet leaves and twigs will promote the growth of corrosive rust. Gutter guards block these substances and prevent your fascia boards and paint from rusting. Cleaning your gutters is messy and time-consuming, but preventing water damage to your home is necessary. Gutter guards help reduce the need for regular cleaning, making this chore much easier. However, they do not eliminate the need for cleaning, as small seeds and debris can find their way into your gutters. They also act as a barrier to rodents, birds and other pests that nest in your gutters.

Prevents Rust

Gutter guards prevent rusting by keeping water away from the gutter system. Rust can cause the gutter system to sag or pull away from your house, damaging the roof and gutters. A clogged gutter containing moisture will quickly erode the material, especially if the channel is made from aluminum or steel. Keeping water from accumulating in the drain will help it last longer and safeguard your roof. Installing gutter guards doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean the gutters, but it will reduce your annual maintenance. They will still need to be cleaned occasionally, but it is much easier than cleaning out a clogged drain. It makes it less likely that you will need to replace your gutters, which can be very expensive.