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The 6 Latest Safety Features On 2021 Car Models

Innovations change and improve the world every day, including the cars that help us move far and beyond. Technological advancements made vehicle control and safety possible in ways unimaginable decades ago. The wiper blades of 1903 and the rearview mirrors of 1911 are now improved with a quick and sharp 21st-century driver monitoring system that made cruising easier and safer.

Car manufacturers are now stepping up their game in keeping their customers away from harm. From a blind spot monitoring system to a 360-degree and night vision feature, automobile brands around the globe are developing safety advancements that could save thousands of lives in the coming years.

Prioritizing the safety of the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians mean technological modifications and improvements for car manufacturers. They are continually releasing devices and systems that can significantly lower the number of road accidents annually. If you are thinking about making a new car purchase this 2021, look for these essential safety features that are beyond the typical vehicle GPS tracking:


Distracted driving is the most common and critical risk on roads worldwide. Drivers and pedestrians alike face immense danger when the man behind the wheel suddenly answers texts or falls asleep. To minimize this hazard, car manufacturers designed an intelligent system for the drivers fatigue management.

The driver monitoring system or DMS, also known as the driver state sensing or DSS system, uses a dashboard-mounted camera to record and monitor driver distraction and sleepiness. It utilizes the ingenious technology of facial recognition to recognize the state of the driver. The system can alert you about your drifting attention through audio signals or seat vibrations. In some vehicle models, the system can ask you to pull over and take a quick rest before continuing your trip.


No matter how much you use your side and rearview mirrors, your car will always have that area that you cannot see. These hidden sections cause severe accidents and can put you and your passengers in jeopardy. However, bothering blind spots are now in plain sight thanks to the latest blind spot monitoring system. This inventive system developed by the brightest car scientists is now widely available across Singapore.

The vehicle can now be aware of its surroundings through a blind spot detection sensor placed in each side mirror and rear bumper. It lets the driver know about impending collisions through audio or visual warnings. Other car models also have tiny cameras installed on the area along the sides and behind the vehicle. These cameras can give you a view of your blind spots and serve as your eyes outside your car.



Other than pedestrians, animals also cause a large percentage of road accidents per year. Massive vehicle drivers, like truck and SUV operators, find it tricky to spot pedestrian traffic. To help them see more, car manufacturers use the same technology of the blind spot monitoring system. A multitude of sensors around the car alert drivers about crossing animals and people on the road.

Aside from a blind spot, some of your car’s detection sensor can alert you about the presence of a moving creature around your moving vehicle. Infrared cameras are also installed on the body of your automobile to scan and detect movement and temperature. A few vehicle models available in the market can even automatically halt when they sense animal and human activity.



Besides a blind spot, your car’s monitoring system can also let you know about movement inside your car. This safety motion feature can prevent crime and save lives worldwide.

Multiple car manufacturers have installed programs that can give people alerts if something is moving inside their vehicle. Whether it’s a thief, an offender, a child, or a pet, the blind spot and motion detection sensor of your car can warn you within minutes as soon as it detects movement. Car safety rating boards worldwide applaud this innovation that can efficiently lower crime rates and lessen the records of babies and pets left locked in hot vehicles.



Technological advancements for the people behind the wheel keep on coming this year and it will not be stopping anytime soon. Aside from the driver monitoring system, you can also get 360-degree and night vision cameras for your car to increase your visibility.

The 360-degree camera gives drivers a full view of their vehicle. This innovation is extremely useful for truck drivers who are always having difficulties when pulling out. Meanwhile, the night vision camera can help drivers see in low lit environments. It can also display clear-cut video feed during extreme weather conditions such as rain and fog. The night vision camera is best paired with a vehicle GPS tracking system that will easily let the driver learn about the road that they are taking during nighttime.



The troubles brought by parallel parking will be long gone soon thanks to remote parking systems. Through modern innovations, the blind spot detection sensor can now help drivers park in tight spaces without inflicting damage to everything around them.

The sensors paired with reversing or 360-degree cameras team up to help you and your car ease into a cramped parking spot. All you have to do is select a gear and let your vehicle drive itself. Although this is a smart system that can automatically move the car, you still have control over the system. It will require you to manoeuvre your vehicle backwards and step on the break as it helps you park efficiently. The self-parking system is best matched with a vehicle GPS tracking device to let you remember where you stationed your vehicle.

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