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Telugu Series about unspoken problematic behavior that exists in society

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Here is a review on most trending movies streaming on the Aha, Sin

Quite clearly and creatively, the director Naveen Medaram had presented the issue of marital rape and consensual sex on the silver screen. Unlike the usual dramas, He has very well portrayed the necessity and explanation of the pioneer cause. It’s been a while since people are raising voices for such reasons but, SIN has taken the initiative to make people understand how toxic it is to normalize everything that men do without even knowing its after-effects. (Deepti Sati) is going through marital rape and sexual harassment by his husband. Also, this man is enjoying another woman named Nina’s love too. Even Anand’s brother (Ravi Varma) is as cheap as him and has bad intentions for Nandita.

Further, you will see that when Nandita gets to know about Nina, Anand’s mother, being a slave to patriarchy, defends him. Even Nandita’s mother does not stand in her support rather advises her to keep mum. But as the story continues, it contains many twists, climaxes, and a justified ending, making the film applaudable. All the actors have given jaw-dropping performances, doing justice with their characters. All have cumulatively made this 7-episode series a must-watch. The first season ended with a mystery, leaving everyone excited for the next season. SIN also educates that how crucial sex education, gender equality is to live and let live with peace. If social and psychological dramas are on your priority list this series is worth watching. This series has given a voice to the unspoken problem in this society.

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