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Stay for a more extended period in your desired country

In this article, we are going to include the topic of extension of visa. There are certain formalities that the applicant has to perform. One of the essential parts of the process is the A2 test. Yes! This test comes in the category of mandatory. If you are wondering what it is. We are here to provide you accurate guidance. In the context of the extension of the stay in the UK. The a2 test is the utmost important thing to do.

Why is the test conducted?

In the most simple words, this is an English test. The a2 English test includes the questions to check the two skills of the applicant. This is the part of the procedure to extend the spousal visa in the UK. This English test is not very tough to crack. As it is related to the basic knowledge of English. The children of 5-6 aged can solve the questions that are asked. The main intention is to check the speaking and listening of the applicant. To survive in the UK, the English are the essential dialect. The test is held in the examination center.

For the test, the booking must be made in advance. There is no need to travel for many kilometers. As the appropriate guidance is provided to book the center. The closest examination center to the application can be booked. It will be very easy and convenient for the applicant to reach the center. The primary purpose is to extend the stay. After passing the exam directly, the visa of 5 years is provided. The a2 test is conducted when the two and a half year visa extends to five years. The result of the test is very important. The result can entirely turn the table. The result is declared on the spot after the test.

Right after the test, the extension application is rejected or accepted. If the applicant can get through the test. The partner visa to the UK is extended. This means the applicant is legally allowed to stay in the UK. The seven-minute if English test can decide a lot of things. Even the test has a lot of steps. The certificate follows up the result. This certificate is approved and valid. If the applicant passes the A2 test. After that, the certificate is provided. It takes 6-7 days for the certificate to come.


The a2 test is the primary key to get the visa. In simple words, it provides legal permission to stay in the UK. This is mainly required in the case of the partner of the spousal visa. The visa of two and a half years gets extended to five years. The spouse can legally recite in the UK for an extended period of time. This visa is required for married couples. What can be better than this? Spend more time in the UK. We hope this article will meet your intentions.