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Some Interesting Facts About Mitsubishi That You Didn’t Know

Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the most famous Japanese companies. It started around 100 years back. The prestigious company is responsible for making and manufacturing innovative cars all the time.  The Mitsubishi Company is also known for making some iconic cars. Like the fast Evo and outlander SUV. The company has been serving consumers with cutting-edge vehicles over the past years.

In this post, we have mentioned some facts that no one probably knew about servo motor Mitsubishi.  One of the best and the most creative automotive manufacturer.

Facts Of The Mitsubishi Corporation

Fact 1

The Mitsubishi Corporation’s history started when the Mitsubishi shipbuilding initially developed model A in 1917. That was the first-ever series production vehicle in Japan. The car was intended as a luxury car. The model had an exquisite appearance. And the interior also was dressed outstandingly.

Fact 2

The logo of Mitsubishi was derived from the flag design of its shipping company. The three triangles present on the Mitsubishi symbol are based on the shape of the water chestnut. In the Japanese language, the word for three is basically “Mitsu,” whereas the word for water chestnut is “hishi.” And hence, the combination of these words generates the name Mitsubishi.


The cars manufactured by the Japanese company are sold over in more than 160 countries worldwide. Mitsubishi has established itself as the 16th leading automotive manufacturer in the world. With the passage of the years, Mitsubishi has also partnered with many other brands, including Volvo, Hyundai, etc.

Fact 4

Later in 1976, Mitsubishi developed a silent shaft servo engine. The engine’s role was to reduce the vibration in four-cylinder setups. After patenting the ground breaking technology, they have licensed it to many other big-name manufacturers, including Porsche and Saab. The motors designed by the company provide the most dramatic vibe to the cars manufactured by the company.  This makes them a little more expensive.

Final Verdict

These are some essential facts about the servo motor Mitsubishi. Later in 1982, the brand name was also introduced in the United States. After that, the sedan, tredia, and coupes car types hit the countries with an entirely different vibe. The company’s sales also boosted due to the high quality of engine and design quality that they were providing to the users. There were sold in more than 22 states by more than 100 dealers.