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Shirt Printing Methods and What You Should Choose

Shirts. We don’t always talk about them when we’re recalling our most treasured articles of clothing. When most people think about shirts, they think of an ordinary piece of garment that doesn’t get much attention when you wear it. Most of our T-shirts are just afterthoughts or something we put on to accentuate our entire outfit. It’s just something we want to wear when we go casual.

But not all shirts are supposed to be like that. Our favourite T-shirts may have some personal meaning to us, or they may be a proud symbol of our personality, or maybe just a way to express ourselves. So, even if they may not have much meaning as a plain shirt, it has wonderful potential. So why not try creating a shirt that could be treasured by your loved ones?

More than just a cheap customized gift that you can give to a friend as an afterthought, a good quality custom shirt will be loved by your receiver and remind them of great memories. Or perhaps it could be a giveaway shirt that could elicit a few laughs or happy moments with your loved ones? Sometimes, they can also be gifts for corporate events or for acquaintances.  There are so many ways that you can use these shirts. It’s not surprising that they’re a favourite knickknack for many types of occasions.

What are the upsides and downsides of printing personalized shirts?

There are many ways that you can personalize a shirt. Some have it altered to fit them better, others like to paint or embroider or sew patches onto their favourite shirts. But by far the most common way for you to get a nice personalized shirt is to enlist the services of a custom T-shirt printing store in Singapore.

Printing is a quick and easy way of getting a neat and clean shirt without the difficulties of doing any of the heavy work for yourself.

The different ways that you can print your shirt

When first conceptualizing your shirt design, you may think to yourself, the design of the shirt is what matters most. And while that may be true under many circumstances, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s the printing method that you use that you should pay a lot of attention to. There are many methods of printing your shirt designs but not all are ideal for your shirts. Here are a few of them and what their advantages and disadvantages are in terms of shirt quality and other important factors to take into account.

The different types of printing methods


Screen printing

If you don’t know what screen printing is, it’s a method that’s very popular with professionals and is used in many high-quality shirt printing services. This type of shirt printing uses stencils that are held into place while ink flows through the screen. This type of process yields an almost 1:1 replication of the actual design. It’s a great way to create a shirt print, but it’s not ideal for designs that require multiple colours because of the amount of stencils you need to make the super complex design.

Heat press printing

Need to save some resources and time creating your fabulous shirt design? Well, heat press printing provides the perfect compromise. With this method, you need a material called a transfer paper onto which you print your design. The shirt design is made when a shirt is laid and the transfer paper with the design is pressed with the shirt. Apply heat, and the shirt is then printed with the design. Compared to the screen printing method, the heat press printing is way more ideal for complex designs, and since it is quicker to make, more ideal with bigger numbers of orders.

Dye sublimation

For shirts intended to be printed with large designs, dye sublimation may be the most suitable. This is a printing method that gives you one of the clearest and highest quality designs for shirts, but unfortunately it can be quite pricy to try. It is also best used on light fabrics. However, the end results are gorgeous and dye sublimation is often the first choice for those who have enough money to spend on a quality design. The ink often bleeds into the fabric, resulting in a design that is long-lasting and colourful.

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