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Reasons Why Poor Raw Pet Food is Sold

Pet owners want the best raw food quality for their favorite pets. Many of them understand that a pet will be influenced greatly by what it eats. This has seen many pet parents invest a lot of money in pet food advertised as the best in the industry. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as marketing gimmicks are the order of the day and pets hardly get the value they need form the food. The gross lack of proper regulation, if any, in the pet food industry is to blame for most of this. Therefore, pet parents have to do their best to ensure their pets get all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Unregulated Pet Food Industry

AAFCO, or the Association of American Feed Control Officials, should oversee the quality of pet food standards in the USA. Unfortunately, this is not always achievable since the organization is a voluntary membership organization and most pet manufacturers are unwilling to comply with the guidelines to help pet nutrition so they can save money.

Poor Quality Ingredients

Any pet food out there gives value that is equivalent to its ingredients. Unfortunately, ingredients can also be a big culprit of substandard pet food quality. The fact that there is no regulation in the industry means there is no way of controlling reasonable standards. Sometimes the ingredients include meat wastes and flavors that are unnecessary for the pet.

The Use of Marketing Tricks

Sometimes, marketing gimmicks are responsible for poor quality pet food that has hit the market. The fact that there are no industry regulations means that the best marketing strategy works. Some companies will invest heavily in marketing and use catchphrases and terms that entice the customer without necessarily prioritizing the pet’s needs.

This way, no attention is paid to the components of the food as long as the packaging is attractive and enticing to the target market. This way, competition continues to thrive at the expense of the pet’s well-being.

Lack of Penalties

The other unfortunate thing that probably continues to push the narrative of bad pet food undisturbed is that manufacturers and marketers are aware that there will be no consequence of them doing wrong. Nothing can happen if they fail to prioritize the pets’ needs.

Unless the pet owner is keen on the ingredients in the pet food, the manufacturer gets away with many harmful practices that jeopardize the pet’s health. Most of these manufacturers continue to sell their pet food without worry. The only way they can go out of the market is if the consumers ignore their products, forcing them to prioritize quality.

A Better Alternative

The good news is that as pet parents, you don’t have to stick to the harmful pet foods being sold in the market today. Instead, you can choose good quality raw pet food from Houston Pet Food as a better and healthier alternative. This way, you are assured that your pet is getting the best, and you are also receiving value for money.