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Read to know why it is important for the filmmakers to adapt with the technology:

Films nowadays are not made the same way as they were made before. The technology has changed and so are the filmmakers. Now, you more oner shots in a film than ever before because cinematographers can shoot it with more convenience. Almost, every shot that a director can visualize can be achieved by using one or the other equipment available in the market. The primary thing that changed the course of shooting a chase scene is the use of a drone. In the previous few years, drones have altered the way chase scene were used to shot. Now, cinematographers have high speed drone that can follow a fast driving car, even if the drone gets out of the sight of the pilot. Almost every web series you watch, it has a scene somewhere which has been shot using a quadcopter.

Drones are expensive but they are worth the investment:

When it comes to buying a drone, most cinematographers seem to be reluctant as drones cost heavy on their pocket. But it is crucial to consider the fact, that you can lose out on a job only because you cannot take an aerial shot. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to invest in a drone that best suits your needs. To know which drone you should be buying, please check out the link to compare their features.

The biggest fear of people while operating a drone:

As drones are an expensive commodity, most cinematographers have a huge fear of losing the drone as it goes out of their sight. However, these drones are equipped with GPS system that will not let this happen. You can even design a path for your drone only in which it should be flying. They also do come with sensors that do not let them crash in a building or a tree.