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Pros and Cons of Staying as a Paying guest

College time is the period during which students need to leave the comfort of their home and live in a nearby city to stay nearby their educational institute. While some may get hostels to live but others prefer to live in a PG. PG in DLF Phase 4 is a double-edged weapon with both pros and cons at both ends. While the highlighted benefit of choosing a PG accommodation is that, there is no need to purchase anything from scratch as these are fully furnished and provide all items of your comfort. Another advantage for a student staying as a PG is that there is no need to make proper arrangements from meals to laundry. The comfort level and facilities available all depend on your monthly rent.

So, PG in Manapakkam is not a big deal from a cost point of view. Here, we are going to analyze the positive and negative aspects of living in a PG.

Pros of staying in a PG

  • Disciplined life: You need to follow some set of rules when you’re living in a PG and it is good for a student. Some rule bounds may include late-night partying, gossiping, going out, and so on.
  • No homesickness: The majority of PG in Manapakkam focuses on offering a top-notch quality of comfort, food, and hygiene at the same place for all scholars. A maid is available for cooking food and provides necessary room service as it is needed.
  • Security: It is safe for girls and bachelors to live in a PG in DLF phase 4 as they have strict rules and security facilities that they proffer. Most of them have CCTV cameras, safety alarms, and security guards 24/7.
  • Medical emergencies: The PG owner is responsible for taking care of all medical emergencies and maintain the well-being of their paying guests. You can get doctor services at home whenever there is any medical emergency.

Cons of staying in PG

  • A feeling of loneliness: Advantageously, you have peace as well as privacy at PG. But, in some cases, the newcomers find loneliness and might get depressed that they are to use to this loneliness atmosphere. They don’t have anyone with whom they can at least talk.
  • No irrelevant things are permitted: Many beginners have a definite lifestyle and they may not fit into the PG life due to changes in the environment. PG accelerates the problems by restricting the use of electronic items and gadgets.
  • Strictness on electricity and water usage: Some landlords are too strict and they nag students regarding the restricted usage of power supply as well as water but it is too annoying sometimes.
  • Space is inappropriate: The cost of living index ranks higher in most of the big cities. The landlords want to make more money by keeping huge paying guests as the space is available. It causes many issues such as claustrophobia, unhygienic, and other conditions as well as problems in accessing the necessary facilities.


These facilities are enough according to the PG rent and there is no need to bear any extra charges. Moreover, you can find a spacious PG and cope with space issues.