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Professional Rug Cleaning Service 4 Signs to Make the Call

Do you feel like your rugs were brighter and softer when you bought them? It’s easy to miss the signs that rugs are getting dirty when you see them every day, and even standard vacuuming isn’t always enough to keep them in good condition.

It might be time for you to hire a professional rug cleaning service to help you out. A rug cleaning service will restore your rug to an “almost-new” condition, but how do you know when it’s time to commit?

Let’s talk about it! Read on to learn a few signs that it’s time to get your rugs professionally cleaned.

  1. You Have Hard-to-Remove Stains

As time goes on, rugs accumulate stains (especially when they’re in the kitchen). Sure, you try to blot out the stains as best as you can, but some of them sink deep into the carpet fibers and lock themselves in.

A professional rug cleaner may not be able to remove all of those stains, but they can make them less visible. Cleaning a rug is easy when you have the right tools and cleaning solutions, so they’re more likely to be able to get out stains that won’t budge.

  1. It’s Been Over a Year Since You Cleaned It

When was the last time you did more than a casual vacuuming session on your rug?

If you’re like most people, it was over a year ago (if you’ve ever done it at all). Most people don’t have access to fancy steam cleaners, and it’s not a good idea to shampoo rugs because they may dry too slowly and start to mold.

This is when you know it’s time to hire a professional from (or your local carpet cleaner) so your rug can have a yearly deep-cleaning session.

  1. The Color Looks Different

When you bought your rug, it was bright, vibrant, and ready to brighten up your room. Now, it’s dull and the colors look dingy. What gives?

Even if you keep your carpet “clean,” repeated foot traffic can cause it to discolor. You may not even realize that it’s happening until you’re away from it for a while and you can see it with new eyes.

When you use a rug cleaning service, professionals can restore your dingy carpet to a bright and bold condition.

  1. Allergy Symptoms Are Showing Up

If the air has been smelling mustier and you’ve developed a case of the sniffles, it might not be the common cold. You could be suffering the effects of dust and mold in your carpets.

Vacuuming helps to get rid of some of the dust and grime, but a lot of it will get deep into the fibers of the rug. A professional rug cleaner will fix the problem.

Hire a Rug Cleaning Service Today

If these signs sound familiar, you know that it’s time to hire a rug cleaning service. You deserve a rug that’s bright, soft, and clean. Let a professional take care of it for you!

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