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PG Diploma in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics                


Dentists can enhance their knowledge and skills by doing a PG Diploma in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. These courses are highly beneficial and advantageous for all the students who want to begin their career in Dentofacial-Orthopaedics, as these courses are equipped with many benefits. The orthodontic courses are available in various modules covering different topics related to embryology, growth, and development of jaws and face. It also helps in understanding the biology of tooth moments in orthodontics. These modules also cover the techniques for radiography, photography, and cephalo-metric analysis. Learners also come to know about the appliances used modern orthodontics as well as learn about clinical situations and the uses for each appliance. Different modules in orthodontic course are highly beneficial for students and they come to know in detail about various topics and various terms.

Important Modules of Orthodontic Course

Amazing and full knowledge-based learning is provided in various modules available in orthodontic courses which are highly beneficial for learners in gaining the in-depth knowledge. They get a clear understanding of concepts and theories about different topics under dental studies and dental treatment. Various types of modules on different topics are as follows:

*The Foundations of Orthodontic Treatment: This module helps in developing an understanding of horizontal and vertical issues like open bites and asymmetries.

*Advanced Treatment Mechanics: The advanced treatment techniques deal with biomechanics, TADS, and impacted teeth, as well as the retention, relapse, and long-term stability of cases, are explained.

*Adult and Multi-disciplinary Treatment: This final module covers the common situations encountered while treating adults in providing orthodontic treatments. It includes periodontal concerns and management, TMD as well as orthodontic restorative interfaces.

The other modules in orthodontic courses for dentists discuss with the biological basis of Orthodontics, principles of orthodontic assessment and diagnosis, orthodontic appliances. The module on the biological basis of Orthodontics introduces the growth, embryology, and development of face and jaws. It provides a clear understanding of the biology of tooth moments in orthodontics. The other module is based on Principles of Orthodontic Assessment & Diagnosis provides the foundations required for the accurate problem identification, case diagnosis, and treatment planning. It includes the techniques for radiography, photography, and cephalo-metric analysis. The other module based on Orthodontic Appliances provides deep knowledge of various types of appliances used in dental treatment. It helps the students in learning and identifying the clinical situations together with the uses of other appliances used in different cases of dental treatment for clinical practices.

There are also part-time orthodontic courses for the students who are having busy schedules in day time can attend and have a great opportunity to join the part-time orthodontic courses for gaining in-depth knowledge, skills, and experiences. The learners will be benefitted a lot by watching recorded videos, webinars, tutorials, etc. Learners are advised to gain knowledge and experiences by seeing these webinars and videos as they will learn a lot and can discuss different topics in which they are having doubts with the experts. There are highly experienced experts providing the best guidance and advice to their students.