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Pack Of Action Movies In Telugu

Do you like Telugu action movies? Do you want to watch your favorite action movies online? Telugu people all over the world have been waiting for an exclusive OTT platform with varied content across genres and ages. Unfortunately, all the existing OTT’s do not have much content for Telugu. But here is good news. A 100% Telugu entertainment OTT is right here, and we can watch our favorite Telugu films from old classics to new movies.

aha has many action movies that can make your fists gripping, heartbeat pumping as you sit back, and enjoy every minute of our gripping action sequences.

With content curated specially for viewers with varied preferences and choices, aha brings you one step closer to full-fledged entertainment with its broad library of movies ranging from old blockbusters to originals.

Why should you choose aha? The answers are

  1. Easy to use
  2. Original content
  3. Can play on multiple devices
  4. No commercials
  5. Affordable
  6. Huge content library
  7. Suggestions based on the interest

Below are some of the action movies we recommend you to watch. There are many action movies on aha apart from these action-packed films.

1. Racha:

Directed by Sampath Nandi, the action sequences in this action movie are spellbound and leave you awe-struck.

This story is about Raj (Ram Charan), who is a pro in betting and is forced to take the biggest challenge in his life, to woo a rich girl. After a series of events when they realize that their past collides in a tragic family feud, Raj has a mission which he must accomplish.

2. Gaayam:

One of the best action films of Ram Gopal Varma, the action sequences in this movie are raw and real. At a time when action sequences were monotonous, Varma has shown us the typical and realistic fights in this film.

When the local politician, Guru Narayana, kills his brother, Durga(Jagapathi Babu) sets off on a path to avenge his brother’s death.

3. Bhairavageetha:

Ram GopalVarma produces this action movie, and the action sequences in this film are just amazing in his style. The story is about Bhairava, a henchman to Subba Reddy and Geeta, Subba Reddy’s daughter.

On learning that his daughter Geeta fell in love with Bhairava, Subba Reddy orders his men to kill Bhairava. After the couple elopes to escape his wrath, they decide to fight back.

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