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Make Your Factories Smart With Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

TSN stands for Time-Sensitive Networking, and it is the communication standard introduced by the IEEE. Since the advent of the IIOT, TSN Technology is also making its name because it can handle time-critical data within strict bounds. 

For a smart factory, it is crucial to possess a time-aware system. That is the reason the behind why engineers are relying on the TSN. IIOT increases data production. The data is harvested through the distributed network. TSN helps to manage the critical data with its reliable and secure network. 

  • The Need For A Tsn In The Smart Factory

Application use in the industry to automate the function needs the consistent and deterministic flow of data from sensors to the controllers to the actuators. The flow of data exchanged between the components controls the manufacturing process. Any hindrance can impair the whole process. It is the one problem that comes arises in the automation system, 

TSN Technology controls the data traffic via secure bandwidth in the network infrastructure. TSN allows the non-critical forms of data traffic to coexist in the network. With TSN, you can converge a different kind of data traffic to reside on the same physical network without spending money on another infrastructure. 

  • Industrial Benefits of Using TSN

TSN enables you to utilize your asset effectively; with visibility over your system, you can shorten the operational time you require for the process. Here are a few more benefits of using TSN at your factory: 

  • Easy Network Configuration

TSN enables you with the automation of the network configuration process. Without TSN, you need a technician to configure each network device manually. TSN automates the process of turning on and off a particular service to achieve the desired result and increase the performance. 

  • Secure Networks

TSN uses standard Ethernet, which increases the security of your controlled network. The use of standard Ethernet acts as a layer of data security along with the precise timing mechanism, which helps to detect the network breach. 

  • Reduce System Cost

Since you can converge different data traffic on the same physical network with the help of TSN, you can lower the overall system cost. Also, TSN technology requires less hardware and software, which further reduces your expenditure on maintenance.

  • Future Network Enhancement

TSN technology makes use of the Ethernet; this means you can anytime introduce new nodes in the network or discover the new nodes via Standard Networking Protocol.