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Learning Spanish for beginners

If you have decided to learn Spanish then Congrats! It is indeed not an easy decision in this information overload age. If you are wondering what is the best way to learn Spanish language. Let’s explore different ways which I find helpful to learning a new language especially Spanish.

Before discussing different ways to learn Spanish, Let me tell you to remember two points in mind.

  1. Be consistent
  2. Spaced repetition

The best way for beginners is one which is enjoyable for them and keeps them moving. And make progress consistently. So it is up to you, to choose yourself which way is more fun and exciting. Here I am sharing with you some ways to make your journey a fun.

Start with Flashcard

It is the best way to learn and consume new vocabulary easily. It is not very costly and you can use traditional ways to create flashcard and then read them when you get bored or waiting. Or you can you use Flashcard App in your android or IOS.

Online tutor

The process of finding and interviewing tutor was not easy in past. But now a days Finding tutor for learning Spanish is very easy and affordable. You can find tutors which will charge as low as $10 per hour to help your learn Spanish. You can find tutor on Spanish55 and very easily.  Flexible schedule and structured learning approach. Their support is very attentive and supportive. You can read reviews of other students. Check this Fluenz Spanish review if you are interested in a more detailed and professional level of learning Spanish online.

Language exchanges with native speakers

Language exchange is one the freeway to learn Spanish for free. You can find friends and speak with them. You can make amazing friend all over the world and speak Spanish with them. Conversation exchange and are the sites to find people.

Listen to Spanish podcasts

Listening to Podcast is great because it didn’t require your brain attention. You can listen to podcasts anywhere. While folding laundry or walking dog, you can listen to Spanish podcast. You can download free podcast from Stitcherapp or podcast app (IOS).

Read books in Spanish

If you love reading you can read your novels, newspaper and books in Spanish. What if you find it difficult? It can be difficult sometimes but you can find the translation of your favorite book in Spanish. To make reading less boring, No need to see meaning of every word in dictionary but note and see the meaning of most repetitive and common words.

Begin writing in Spanish

Daily journaling is very good habit if you are doing it. Why not start writing half of it in Spanish? Immerse yourself in the language and slowly you will start thinking and speaking like natives.  To achieve fluency, start acting and thinking like natives.

Study plan for a month

A study plan is very important if you want to achieve your learning goal. Choose your favorite way and stick with it. Make a plan for 30 days. Be consistent to follow your plan and don’t quit your learning. Spaced repetition is very important if you want to learn new skill or language.  Refreshing your knowledge is very important. Happy learning Spanish!