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Kitchen Works Saved the Day (and My Baby’s Diet)

At the start of this year, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She’s amazing and perfect, and watching her grow has been the highlight of my life (forgive my “mom-gushing,” I can’t help it). As she’s gotten older and moved from milk to solid foods, I’ve been obsessed with giving her the very best nutrition I can — which for me, means skipping the store bought baby foods and pureeing my own blends. Luckily, my trusty food processor has made this an easy process!

But of course, mom life can get chaotic pretty often. Recently, I was pureeing some sweet potatoes when I heard the baby wake up from her nap on the monitor. I was in a hurry to get her from the crib — and in my rush, I accidentally knocked the processor off the counter! There was a terrible crash, sweet potatoes flew all over the kitchen, and worst of all my food processor bowl sustained a huge chip! I was devastated. How am I supposed to make healthy, natural purees for my little one when I don’t have a food processor? 

After I calmed the baby and cleaned up the mess, I got to thinking: I could buy a new food processor, but that would be expensive (and, given that only one piece of my current processor was broken, unnecessary). I could just buy some baby food at the grocery store, but that would mean letting her eat all kinds of preservatives and stuff I’m not comfortable with. Finally, I decided that there was only one solution: I’d need to buy a replacement bowl.

I searched for “Cuisinart food processor parts” online and found Kitchen Works after a few fruitless searches on sites like eBay. I was so excited when I saw their inventory. So many parts! So many models! Everything is actually FROM Cuisinart! I was able to find the perfect bowl for my processor model (thanks to their handy guide on the website) and order it without an issue.

The processor bowl I ordered arrived in just a few days (thankfully I had a few purees frozen for the baby). It was in great condition and it fit my old processor perfectly. I was able to get my processor up and running again for a fraction of the cost that buying a new processor would have been! 

So, I guess I have to say “thank you” to Kitchen Works. Thanks to their store, I was able to give my daughter food that I’m comfortable with, and I didn’t even have to overspend to do it! I am so happy that this store has opened up online, so that people outside their local area (like me) can benefit from their inventory and incredible prices. I can guarantee that you guys have made a loyal customer out of me! Next time I break a piece from my professor — or if I need anything else for my kitchen — I know where to look first!