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Is a Possum a Rodent


There is often confusion about whether a possum is classified as a rodent. This article aims to clarify the biological classification of possums and distinguish them from rodents.

Biological Classification of Possums

Mammalian Group

  • Marsupials: Possums are marsupials, not rodents. They belong to the order Diprotodontia, which is part of the marsupial infraclass.

Key Features

  • Pouch: Female possums have a pouch where their young complete their development after birth.
  • Dentition: Possums have a unique dental formula, different from that of rodents.

Differences Between Possums and Rodents

Rodent Characteristics

  • Order Rodentia: Rodents belong to a different order, characterized by their continuously growing incisors.
  • Examples: Common rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, and beavers.

Distinctive Features of Possums

  • Reproductive System: The presence of a marsupial pouch is a significant distinction.
  • Diet and Habitat: While some dietary and habitat preferences may overlap, possums have distinct behaviors and ecological roles.

Common Misconceptions

Appearance-Based Assumptions

  • Similar Size and Look: Some possums may resemble rodents due to their size and general appearance, leading to confusion.


  • ‘Possum’ vs. ‘Opossum’: In North America, ‘possum’ refers to the opossum, like the Virginia opossum. In Australia, ‘possum’ refers to a different group of marsupials.


Q: Do possums have the same pest concerns as rodents? A: While possums can sometimes be considered pests, their behavior and impact on human environments differ from typical rodents.

Q: Can possums be kept as pets like some rodents? A: Keeping possums as pets is generally not recommended and may be illegal in some areas.

Q: Are possums dangerous like some rodents? A: Possums are generally non-aggressive and pose minimal danger to humans.


Possums are marsupials, not rodents. This distinction is important for understanding their role in ecosystems and their unique biological characteristics. While they may share some superficial similarities with rodents, possums have distinct features and behaviors that set them apart from the rodent order.